Celebrating Anniversaries

the happy couple

One of my friend posted a lovely facebook post this week, celebrating her and her partner being together 17 years.

They can’t remember the exact date they met, but knew it was June sometime so just picked a day convenient to them to celebrate with their family.

It did get me thinking though, I have been married to my husband for 13 years next month, which apparently equates to a gift of lace.

We celebrate the date we got married but give little thought to how long we have actually been together and I think it’s a shame as we have actually been together about 20 years.

Family pic

We met at work so I have no idea of the exact date, or year of our first date. We got engaged on Christmas Day – a deliberate ploy by Hubby to make it a day we already celebrate so there are no extra presents needed (yes he admits that).

I have a vivid recollection of his mum asking me if I preferred platinum or yellow gold as a jewellery option, but had no idea he was going to propose, which he did with a beautiful solitaire diamond ring.

I remember it took 18 months to organise our wedding and I loved going to wedding shows to get an idea of what I wanted our wedding to be like and jumping through hoops so we could get married in the church his family were so involved in.

Hubby pretty much left me to the organisation side, with the exception of choosing his suit and buying our wedding rings.

He had his stag in Magaluf whereas I had something far more sophisticated and headed to Glasgow, for a spa weekend and to catch up with an old schoolfriend, who had moved that way. It is also where I found my wedding jewellery in a huge branch of F.Hinds.



I would love to say our wedding day went without a hitch, but someone decided to go out on the beer with his friends the night before the wedding. I arrived at church to find a delay as one of the ushers had dashed back to the hotel to get the order of service as he had forgotten them.

Wedding Day

During the ceremony, when it was time to kneel there was a ripple of laughter through the church as he had left the price labels on his shoes, he wore the wrong tie AND he provided his uncle with our video recorder to film the wedding and forgot to put the disc in – we laugh about it now!!

the happy couple

Thankfully the rest of the day was far more relaxed!!

Do celebrate your years together, your wedding date, or both?



One thought on “Celebrating Anniversaries

  1. Sabina Green says:

    Awww it’s nice that you can look back and giggle at some of the faux pas’ from your day now. This Saturday will be our 11th Wedding Anniversary and will be the first that we will not be together as I am taking Lillie camping with her friends for her birthday. We were very sad that it had to be this weekend but since she was born 3 days before our first anniversary it was going to happy one day. We always do something whether it’s just going out for a meal, a special date or a night away xx

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