My Little Photographer

After seeing @Eliza_do_lots posting pics of her little one taking self portraits with her iPhone and then posting them for all to see, I decided that will do the same!Little man got hold of my phone and here are his photo’s (minus the random shots of the ceiling and sofa).He takes real pleasure in these pics and I hope to use some and embarrass him when he is older!

Back to work it is then!

Well that time has now come after 39 weeks of Maternity leave – I have to go back to work!Officially I return today (31st August), but as I have accrued so much holiday my first day in the office is 13th September – sadly they wouldn’t allow me to take more!I have thoroughly enjoyed my time off, and am dreading the thought of going back to the hard slog, although I am looking forward to some adult conversation and be someone other than Mum.So now I have started expressing milk for the days I am not home, and trying to establish …

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