A spring time visit to Zip World Fforest

Zip World FForest Ffion

If you have been following my blog you will know that during the Easter holidays we headed to North Wales with Adventure Map, who are 10 of the best adventure companies in North Wales, working together to promote the region as the best place for outdoor adventure tourism in the UK, with a handy app for your smart phone. The AdMap App, available on app store and google play, tells you what adventures are nearby to help you to discover exciting adventures in North Wales… Continue Reading “A spring time visit to Zip World Fforest”

Reima Sydvest 3-in-1 mid-season jacket review

Reima Eliza and Seb

Finding the perfect jacket for kids can be a challenge. As a family who spend a lot of time outdoors, we were on the lookout for something that is not only water and wind proof, but something that will keep the kids warm on cooler days and something they can wear in the rain during warmer summer months. Tough ask!! We were invited to review the popular Sydvest multi-fuctional jacket by Reima. It is a mid-season jacket for kids which… Continue Reading “Reima Sydvest 3-in-1 mid-season jacket review”

Race Day with PJ Masks

PJ Masks Race Day

It’s #PJMasksRaceDay on 20th February and the fabulous UKMumsTV are holding a Twitter Party between 1pm and 2pm giving you chances to win, info on the new additions to the PJ Mask toy range, fun downloadable activities and much more! We have been sent some of the fab new toys to review ahead of the twitter party and have been busy putting Gecko, Catboy, Owlette and Night Ninja through their paces. With the new PJ Masks Super Moon Adventure Space… Continue Reading “Race Day with PJ Masks”

7 Ways to Help Yourself Through Bereavement

We all hope that our lives are going to be relatively plain sailing, however, there are some life events out there that are going to put a bit of a spanner in the works. Some of the most stressful things that you can ever go through are marriage, divorce, moving home and losing someone who you care about.  Bereavement can be incredibly difficult and at times you are going to feel that the only person who can get you through… Continue Reading “7 Ways to Help Yourself Through Bereavement”

What is a Bridge Loan & How Do I Qualify for One?


If you are considering buying a new piece of real estate but feel limited financially because you have not sold your old property, don’t worry. Bridge loan lenders can provide you with fast funding to secure your new home. Bridge Loan Basics Before applying for a loan, it is best to understand what it is and how it can help you. These are perfect for people who wish to buy a new property before their current one is sold. In… Continue Reading “What is a Bridge Loan & How Do I Qualify for One?”