Review: Personalised The Nightmare before Christmas Book

nightmare before xmas (1)

At 12, Isaac has moved on from Disney films, with the exception of The Nightmare before Christmas. The film certainly has a darker feel than classic Disney; the characters are creepy in a cool kind of way, especially Jack Skellington, the unlikely hero of the story. If you have not seen the film, Halloween Town is turned upside down when Jack Skellington, the Pumpkin King, decides celebrating Halloween 365 days a year is a bit repetitive. So, he takes a… Continue Reading “Review: Personalised The Nightmare before Christmas Book”

Project 365 2020 Week 43 – COVID 19 Lockdown Week 32


I have been trying to avoid the news this week as it is making me cross again, with areas with a high COVID level refusing to go into Tier 3 lockdown. It almost feels like they are stomping their feet like a petulant toddler, saying it’s not fair that the rest of the country aren’t. As an area that is still in Tier 1, I fully expect our turn will come at some point but its not fair to lockdown… Continue Reading “Project 365 2020 Week 43 – COVID 19 Lockdown Week 32”

Harry Potter Gift Guide 2020

All my kids have gone through a stage of loving Harry Potter and it is currently Eliza’s turn to love all things magical. It only feels like yesterday that we decorated her room in unicorns, but they have been swept aside for Hogwarts themed wall stickers, bedding and even a den. Her entire Christmas list has Harry Potter merchandise on it in one form or another, so I thought I would put together a helpful gift guide for those that… Continue Reading “Harry Potter Gift Guide 2020”

Review: Geomag Mechanics Magnetic Race Track Set

Geomag Mechanics

Homeschooling is starting to get repetitive now, with an emphasis on the core subjects of Maths and English. We have been itching for some scientific fun in our house, so when we were offered the Geomag Mechanics Magnetic Race Track Set to review, we could not wait to get building this unique, exciting and educational toy. The system is made up of magnetic rods, steel spheres and elements of different shapes such as cylinders and modular parts which will provide… Continue Reading “Review: Geomag Mechanics Magnetic Race Track Set”

Review: 80mm Lensball Vivid and Stand

Refractique Lensball

I was first introduced to lensball photography during a visit to France a couple of years ago, by my friend Charly who was experimenting with taking pictures with it. I started off with a small and cheap lensball and had lots of fun trying to take photo’s that were a little bit different, but we did encounter a few problems with it. Firstly, it didn’t come with a stand and anyone will know that trying to balance a spherical object… Continue Reading “Review: 80mm Lensball Vivid and Stand”