5 reasons why to choose Ötztal Austria this winter

Ski holidays are perfect for the family as there is always something for everyone to enjoy. This might mean snowball fighting with the little ones, sledging down the slopes or relaxing at the spa (I know which one I’d choose right now). Maybe this is your first family ski holiday or perhaps you’ve been on skiing holidays before and are simply looking for a new dreamy place to visit. No matter why you’ve decided to read this article, let me… Continue Reading “5 reasons why to choose Ötztal Austria this winter”

6 of the Most Stunning Areas of Natural Beauty to Visit in the World

Blue Lagoon

The world is a beautiful place and it’s important to try and see as much of its top attractions as we can since we only have limited time in life. So here are 6 of the most stunning areas in the world that I’d like to visit someday. Norwegian Fjords The Fjords of Norway are some of the most stunning, beautiful and deep inland bodies of water in all of the world, and it would be nice to see them… Continue Reading “6 of the Most Stunning Areas of Natural Beauty to Visit in the World”

My Top 10 Travel Posts of 2019

Futuroscope Entrance

2019 has been an exciting year of travel for us, with visits to Northern Ireland, North Wales, France and Iceland. Although I now have a dedicated travel blog, Are We Nearly There Yet?, I still cover days out and travel here too and these are my most popular posts of the last year. My Most Read Travel Posts of 2019 1. A visit to Futuroscope with Kids Back in June we headed to North West France and during our visit… Continue Reading “My Top 10 Travel Posts of 2019”

Must-Visit Cities in Japan for Foodies


Japanese food is one of the most popular cuisines in the world and we have seen a real surge of Japanese restaurants popping up on our high streets in the UK. But what if you are travelling to one of the best Asian destinations? Did you know that Tokyo restaurants have the most Michelin stars of any city in the world, with an astonishing 314 total stars in 2018, 173 more than closest rival Paris! Check out some of the… Continue Reading “Must-Visit Cities in Japan for Foodies”

Fairytale Castles in Germany that Your Kids Will Love

Eliza and Abbey are obsessed with fairytales and princesses, so I was thinking that a themed holiday would be one that would be both memorable for them and something we would enjoy as a family, as we really love to travel. Germany is a destination that is known for its gorgeous ‘fairytale’ castles and has been on my ‘travel bucket list’, for some time too! So visiting castles like the ones in Germany could very possibly be the ultimate holiday… Continue Reading “Fairytale Castles in Germany that Your Kids Will Love”