Tips for Adding Some Fun to Your Business Travel


When it comes to business, there are a lot of things that are designed and intended specifically for business use. For example, the business tools that your company uses have a specific purpose, and they cannot always be used to perform another function. Businesses require structure and discipline to function well and grow as needed; however, not everything has to be all business all the time. For example, you can add some fun and make your business trips more enjoyable… Continue Reading “Tips for Adding Some Fun to Your Business Travel”

Celebrity Cruises – Anturus Explorer Academy Kids Club

We love cruising! In fact, despite numerous recent travels, if you ask the kids what their favourite ever holiday is, they will say their cruise, without hesitation. A couple of weeks ago we were invited onboard the Celebrity Cruise Silhouette whilst it was docked in Southampton for a day of fun in theĀ Anturus Explorer Academy Kids Club. What sets their kids club apart from others, is that as well as fun and games, part of their kids club for 3… Continue Reading “Celebrity Cruises – Anturus Explorer Academy Kids Club”

5 Must-Do Activities on a Lapland Holiday

Santa's Office

Sunshine holiday’s are great fun and we love nothing more than exploring the destination we have visited, enjoying some water sports and sampling local delicacies, but nothing quite compares to experience the magic of winter in Lapland. Living in the UK, the country grinds to a halt at the first sign of snow, but the Finnish people have living with the white stuff down to a fine art. Snow in Finland is not the wet slushy stuff that we are… Continue Reading “5 Must-Do Activities on a Lapland Holiday”

Things to do in Torquay during May Half Term

Living in Dorset and with my Dad just over the border in East Devon, Torquay and its surrounding area is somewhere we visit quite regularly. I have partnered with Parkdean Resorts for their Coastal Adventures campaign to reveal some of our beautiful British coastline and in particular how you can spend a day out in Torquay and the surrounding area with all the family. Set at the very heart of the English Riviera on theĀ South Devon Coast, Torquay is famous… Continue Reading “Things to do in Torquay during May Half Term”

Most comfortable rental car for family traveling long distance


Are you looking forward to going on a road trip with your loved family members during the upcoming vacation? Then you must try to find a comfortable rental car for a family. Then you will be provided with the opportunity to enjoy the time that you are spending along with your loved family members. It will be a trip that you will remember for a long period as well. What factors should you consider when going for a rental car?… Continue Reading “Most comfortable rental car for family traveling long distance”