How to travel with a chronic illness


Travel should be enjoyed by everyone, but many people with chronic illnesses and disabilities choose not to. The trick to travelling with any medical condition, is to plan ahead and do your research to ensure that you have everything you need for a comfortable and happy trip. I have put together a quick guide to some of the things you will need to do, when planning a holiday with a chronic illness. Before you go Travel Insurance Travel insurance is… Continue Reading “How to travel with a chronic illness”

10 reasons to take the kids on a Cruise Holiday

Dubai from a Cruise Ship

Cruises are just for old people, not families – right? WRONG!! Ask the kids their favourite holiday and they will all say our cruise, without any hesitation and we cannot wait to book another one, although to somewhere a little cooler next time – Norway and Iceland! So why take the family on a cruise holiday? 10 reasons to take a Family Cruise Holiday The Destinations You can cruise almost anywhere in the world and it is a great way… Continue Reading “10 reasons to take the kids on a Cruise Holiday”

Target Goa Grand Island & Ilha Grande in this Vacation | Goa, India

Water Sports

Taking instant tours to various beautiful locations always keeps our heart and mind fit. We seek better opportunities with affordable pricing for making a decent trip. It has been a long time that I haven’t talked about India Northern side of the world. And when I say that, it instantly hits the name India in my mind. In the northeast world, India is one of the most beautiful places to visit for vacation. But the point is what we would… Continue Reading “Target Goa Grand Island & Ilha Grande in this Vacation | Goa, India”

Top tips for taking a family holiday to France this summer


France is our closest neighbour and the largest country in western Europe with five mountain ranges, Mediterranean and Atlantic coastlines and a rich history, which makes it the perfect destination to visit with the family as there are plenty of areas to explore. We have been to France several times in the last few years and travelled via various means including Eurostar, ferry, plane and even cruise ship. The real beauty of a holiday to France is that you can… Continue Reading “Top tips for taking a family holiday to France this summer”

A visit to Futuroscope with kids


When we booked our holiday to Puy du Fou, we decided to extend the break by a couple of days and head to another theme park that had been recommended to me – Futuroscope. Futuroscope is just under a two hour drive from Puy du Fou, just north of the city of Poitiers in North West France. Where Puy du Fou is based on the history of France, Futuroscope is the polar opposite and is based upon multimedia, cinematographic and… Continue Reading “A visit to Futuroscope with kids”