Milton Keynes: Four things to do and see

Milton Keynes

When tourists flock to England, they always visit the same major cities: London, Birmingham and Manchester. All offering a similar experience, undoubtedly a mixture of world-class restaurants, shopping and iconic landmarks, makes these destinations quickly more alluring. But there’s certainly more to the UK than these three cities.  An up-and-coming town that combines the best of a ‘city vibe’, alongside rural countryside and culture, is Milton Keynes. Situated in Buckinghamshire, Milton Keynes is home to a wide range of sights,… Continue Reading “Milton Keynes: Four things to do and see”

Travelodge helps unemployed parents return to work with a pledge of 1,500 UK jobs


Finding a job that fits in with nursery and school can be a real challenge, with many stating they offer flexible hours, when in reality they still don’t quite fit with school runs etc. Travelodge, the UK’s first budget hotel chain, has just launched the next phase of its parents recruitment programme, targeting mums and dads looking to get back into work – as school’s reopen. The hotel chain which operates 567 hotels across the UK is looking to fill… Continue Reading “Travelodge helps unemployed parents return to work with a pledge of 1,500 UK jobs”

6 Ways to Preserve Travel Memories

6 Ways to Preserve Travel Memories (1)

The average family vacation costs $1,000 per person. So if you have a family of five, you’re looking at spending at least $5,000! No wonder most families only go on one vacation a year. Because of the high costs, you want to make sure your family remembers each vacation you take for years to come.  Keep reading to discover several great ideas for how to preserve travel memories. 1. Photobook The days of taking your roll of film to be… Continue Reading “6 Ways to Preserve Travel Memories”

Choosing the right foods to fuel your holiday travel


Making time to prepare nutritious snacks to take to the airport will guarantee your energy levels and keep your spending money safe for your holiday. Alongside nutritional therapist Adam Lloyd, Holiday Hypermarket has curated the ideal list of affordable foods that are as tasty as they are good for sustained energy. Adam noted: ‘It’s normal to grab lots of processed foods when eating on the move, such as sandwiches, sweets and snacks, but this has a big impact on our… Continue Reading “Choosing the right foods to fuel your holiday travel”

Things you need to know before visiting the USA

Magic Kingdom

It was a dream of mine to take the kids to Disney World in Florida for many years and back in 2016 we finally realised our dream. What I wasn’t expecting was all the paperwork and extra expense that goes with booking a holiday to the USA and our first hurdle to overcome was updating our passports, as two of them had just under 6 months left on them. Our second hurdle was applying for an ESTA for each of… Continue Reading “Things you need to know before visiting the USA”