Adapting Your Wardrobe to Suit Your Changing Figure


Getting older is not much fun, but it is a fact of life. Something none of us can avoid. We all age, and as we do, the way we look changes. One day, you feel fantastic in tight fitting clothing, the next you catch a glimpse of yourself in the mirror, and think ‘oh my goodness is that really me?’ When that happens you suddenly become more self-conscious, and start to feel a little less confident. Fortunately, once you get… Continue Reading “Adapting Your Wardrobe to Suit Your Changing Figure”

Children’s clothing predictions for 2015

Minion Onesie

What would your child’s wardrobe be without a Winnie the Pooh hoodie or a Minnie Mouse t-shirt? Kids love wearing branded clothes and with companies such as Lamaloli selling a wide range of garments that are stylish, comfortable and influenced by popular culture it’s easy to find items that are bang on trend – after all, kids are surprisingly fashion conscious. Disney’s Frozen was hugely popular in 2014 with everything from Anna fancy dress outfits to Elsa the Snow Queen… Continue Reading “Children’s clothing predictions for 2015”

Glam Up Your Winter Wardrobe

Some people stick with dark clothing during the winter. Dark jackets on dark tops and dark jeans. Dark on dark on dark. Shapeless cardigans paired with jogging pants or loose pants. The cold months are no excuse for not dressing up and being your toasty best. Here are some fashion ideas for the winter to revive your wardrobe: Trench coats Bust out your trench coats as it is the season to be dashing again. Wear a dark trench coat over… Continue Reading “Glam Up Your Winter Wardrobe”

Are glasses making a comeback? Geek chic in 2015


Love it or hate it, geek chic is here to stay. This fashion trend has persisted throughout 2014 and all indications show that it is set to spill over to 2015. Geek chic style is all about taking a few key pieces of a typically geeky wardrobe; think bow ties, sweater vests, pocket protectors, and wearing them with aplomb to make a fashion statement. If you want to be part of the fashionable crowd, but are apprehensive about changing your… Continue Reading “Are glasses making a comeback? Geek chic in 2015”