Getting rid of Carpet Stains

Cleaning carpets

I am a firm believer that white wine should be drank and not poured onto problem stains whilst hoping for a miracle that it will get them out (it doesn’t work). Having children that love the great outdoors, whatever the weather, they are forever traipsing mud and grass through the house despite numerous requests for them to take their shoes off and wipe their feet. It is particularly bad at the moment as they insist on having water fights and… Continue Reading “Getting rid of Carpet Stains”

Can you identify the Children’s Celebrity Drawings?

Eliza loves to draw! As a toddler she was never really interested in pens and paper but fast forward to her Reception years and she brings home a book bag full of her artwork on a daily basis. Her favourite things to draw are butterflies and rainbows and I can see a real improvement in her drawings in just a few months – I can actually work out what she has drawn and written now. Isaac is also keen on art… Continue Reading “Can you identify the Children’s Celebrity Drawings?”

When are you most productive?


As a blogger I am always analysing stats to see when the best time to share blog and social media posts and although it isn’t an exact science, that facebook is a fickle creature, I have a fair idea when best to post. The problem is, it is not when I am most productive. My best time to write posts for me is the first thing in the morning, before breakfast and the mad panic before school sets in. Any time… Continue Reading “When are you most productive?”

Fairy Dream Homes

Do you sit and daydream about your dream home? I do, probably too much as our dream home seems so far out of reach at the moment. Last month Ocean Finance got in contact with me and asked us to create a dream home, though not for us – for a fairy! Eliza is my resident fairy expert so I knew we had the perfect person for the job. We packed Daddy off to Homebase to get the perfect fairy home essentials… Continue Reading “Fairy Dream Homes”

Give Up Clothes for Good with TKMaxx


Well another season is hot footing it away and there is a positively autumnal feel to the air now so it is time to start thinking about some warmer clothing. Now the kids are at school I am planning on blitzing their wardrobes. Isaac has had a growth spurt over the summer holidays which is very visible in some of his trousers and Eliza’s mass of summer dresses need to be replaced by some warmer clothing. I always used to… Continue Reading “Give Up Clothes for Good with TKMaxx”