Swimming, swimming in the swimming pool!


Our children have all swam since they were babies as it is a life skill I think every child should have. We are now at the stage where they are all confident in the water and it is just Sebby that needs a water aid to swim, although I don’t think it will be long until he can swim completely unaided too. Before Christmas Isaac had a trial with Bournemouth Swimming Club who are a competitive swimming team associated with… Continue Reading “Swimming, swimming in the swimming pool!”

The Vosene Kids Swimming Challenge


Back in February Vosene Kids challenged us to take part in their ‘New Year, New Challenges’ campaign which was aimed at parents and children achieving new milestones, which are so important in those early years. From learning to swim, tying their shoelaces or even washing their own hair, Vosene Kids want to help celebrate all of the important steps in your little one’s growth. I was sent a fun-filled pack of items to help encourage Isaac, Eliza and Sebastian to try something… Continue Reading “The Vosene Kids Swimming Challenge”

Sebby’s Swimming Update – The Toddler Lessons

It is has been 9 month since we announced that we were Konfidence swimologists and I am shocked by how far Sebastian has come along with his lessons since then. We have been swimming with Turtle Tots Dorset since Sebastian was 3 months old, been through the water wobbles a couple of times but are now well and truly out the other side with a confident and happy boy in the water. This term Sebby as really turned a corner… Continue Reading “Sebby’s Swimming Update – The Toddler Lessons”

Konfidence Floatsuit Review

When we were chosen as Konfidence ambassadors we were sent a pack of Konfidence goodies to try out which included a Konfidence Floatsuit. As Sebastian had been having swimming lessons previously for around 18 months and was very water confident and able to swim with a woggle I was unsure if we would use it, however I packed it in our case when we went on holiday to Turkey with the intention of trying it out. The Konfidence Floatsuit is… Continue Reading “Konfidence Floatsuit Review”

Swim Safe at the Beach this Summer!

Isaac Body Boarding

We spend a lot of our time at the beach over the summer and it is vital that all children are kept safe and know what to do if they get into trouble at the beach. The RNLI always advise families to swim and have fun at a lifeguarded beach, but the sea can be unpredictable wherever you are and knowing how to stay safe is an important lesson to learn. That’s why their new Beach Smart packs aim to… Continue Reading “Swim Safe at the Beach this Summer!”