DreamWorks’ Dragons: Dawn of New Riders Nintendo Switch

How to Train Your Dragon

We are huge How to train your dragon fans here and alongside the new film, that came out at cinema’s last week, the latest game in the franchise – Dragons: Dawn of New Riders’ has just launched in Europe on PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. In this new game, a new heroic dragon and rider are taking to the skies and only you can help them defeat the evil villains who destroyed a dragon sanctuary created by Hiccup and… Continue Reading “DreamWorks’ Dragons: Dawn of New Riders Nintendo Switch”

Encouraging reading with Books2Door

Books 2 Door

I am very lucky that my kids love to read. We are regular visitors at our local library, with the kids often taking out around 6 books a month, but they love having their very own books to and will often read and re-read some of their favourite titles. We were invited to review Books2Door who offer an extensive range of authors and genres and deliver your chosen books straight to your door. There is something for every child, from… Continue Reading “Encouraging reading with Books2Door”

Ready 2 Robot Collectibles Review

Ready 2 Robot

My boys love collectibles, but there are a lot fewer options available to them, than there are for girls. Introducing Ready 2 Robot – the only collectibles line for boys that lets you build, mix and match your own custom bots and battle your friends in a robot-brawl inside the Fightanium Arena. Ready 2 Robot is quite similar to Eliza’s favourite LOL dolls as there are lots of different surprises to find as you start unwrapping, with the added bonus… Continue Reading “Ready 2 Robot Collectibles Review”

The LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part – LEGO Building sets review

Queen Watevra

We are big fans of the LEGO inspired movies and cannot wait until this weekend, to see the latest instalment: LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part! The citizens of Bricksburg face a dangerous new threat when LEGO DUPLO invaders from outer space start to wreck everything in their path. The battle to defeat the enemy and restore harmony to the LEGO universe takes Emmet, Lucy, Batman and the rest of their friends to faraway, unexplored worlds that test their courage and… Continue Reading “The LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part – LEGO Building sets review”

Zero Water Filtration Jug Review

Zero Water

Every new year I vow to drink more water to try and improve my health, but have to admit that I am not keen on the taste of our tap water, so it normally fizzles out very quickly. A lack of water intake can cause headache’s, stress, lack of sleep or even muscle strain due to bad posture. Drinking bottled water can be more expensive than a litre of petrol and bad for the environment, due to all the plastic packaging, however, there is… Continue Reading “Zero Water Filtration Jug Review”