Thinking Slimmer update – Week 12


I have not done a Thinking Slimmer update for a while and although I haven’t quite hit my target weight of 140lbs by my 40th birthday (and Britmums), I am almost there and pleased with my progress so far. I have noticed a real difference in my eating habits and although I do occasionally indulge in a Jaffa cake or Jammy ring biscuit, the urge to eat a whole packet has gone. I also stop eating when I am full,… Continue Reading “Thinking Slimmer update – Week 12”

Make your beauty regime buzz with these natural tips

You’ve strained into the day after your alarm clock goes off, eventually forcing yourself to open your eyes. Bleugh, is the only thought you can muster. Getting to the bathroom, you wonder, Who is this person I see in the mirror? Baggy eyes, hair that looks like it belongs to an electric shock victim and blotchy skin – waking up in the morning sucks. Feeling unhealthy in the morning is unlikely to make you perky for the rest of the… Continue Reading “Make your beauty regime buzz with these natural tips”

Act on Red

All the way back at the beginning of April I was invited to a round table on the subject of Rosacea. I have blogged about my battle with Rosacea before and it is a condition that really affects my life. During this round-table with fellow bloggers, including The Olivers Madhouse and Franglaise Mummy, beauty experts and the beautiful Dr Ellie Cannon we discussed the condition, its triggers, treatments we had tried and the emotional impact that it has on our lives. Although… Continue Reading “Act on Red”

Getting in Shape


For those of you that follow my blog you will know I am currently doing a weightless program with Thinking Slimmer. I saw great results in my first two weeks and although the weight loss has slowed down I am really starting see changes in my eating habits.  I now recognise when I am full and have stopped picking at food during the day. My second challenge is to tone up.  I have a very pronounced “mummy tummy” thanks to… Continue Reading “Getting in Shape”

A New Me!

A few weeks ago I was in Tesco doing our weekly shop with hubby and Sebastian when the kindly checkout lady asked me when my baby was due.  I wasn’t quite sure whether to laugh or cry – she obviously hadn’t noticed Sebastian in his car seat, but it became obvious to me that I need to do something about my body. I have to admit that after being so good with my eating whilst suffering from Gestational Diabetes whilst… Continue Reading “A New Me!”