Getting outside during Lockdown 3.0


During the first lockdown, the one thing that kept us sane was our daily walks, however, during the second one in November, the kids were still at school and the weather against us, so we didn’t venture too far. This lockdown, we have vowed to do at least 3 walks per week and are very lucky that we have some beautiful walks on our doorstep. To keep walking this time of year, you need to be dressed correctly to ensure… Continue Reading “Getting outside during Lockdown 3.0”

My Top Posts of 2020


I always enjoy looking back at my top posts of the year and although blogging has taken a bit of a back seat this year due to heading back to work, I have still managed to keep it updated regularly. Looking at my most read posts have made it clear that people were spending a lot more time at home, whether during lockdown or when searching for things to help home school or entertain the kids. My Top Posts of… Continue Reading “My Top Posts of 2020”

Review: Julia Donaldson’s Songbirds Phonics Books

Lilah Bob Bug

As we enter Lockdown 3.0, the return to the dreaded homeschooling has begun. The 2nd lockdown passed with relative ease as the schools were open for business and the kids loved being back in the classroom with their friends, so when it was announced schools were closing again, the initial excitement at having no school, was soon replaced with worries about not seeing their friends. This time around, the schools have had time to prepare and the kids have three… Continue Reading “Review: Julia Donaldson’s Songbirds Phonics Books”

AD: Top Games with a twist, to play this Christmas

Eliza Exploding Kittens

Christmas is always game season in our house and this year we love nothing more than sitting down as a family and doing battle. This year, we have discovered some new favourites to add to our collection and we are looking forward to challenging each other over the Christmas break. Exploding Kittens I have to admit that I was a little unsure of the name of the game at first, but Exploding Kittens is so much fun to play. It… Continue Reading “AD: Top Games with a twist, to play this Christmas”

Deck the Great Hall for a Wizarding World Christmas

Harry Potter

Eliza’s Christmas list has a very strong Harry Potter / Fantastic Beasts theme this year. We have redecorated her room with Harry Potter quote wall stickers, she has Harry Potter bedding and she is currently devouring the books for the 4th time! If you are on the hunt for gifts for a Harry Potter lover and are in need of some last minute advice, here is my guide to some of the best Harry Potter themed gifts to suit all… Continue Reading “Deck the Great Hall for a Wizarding World Christmas”