Warning: Fugglers are here!

Fuggler Escape

The Fugglers are finally here…. Get ready to regret everything! Let me introduce you to (whether you like it or not), the terrifying yet endearing, mischievous, yet vulnerable, the unpredictable, yet misunderstood …. FUGGLERS! Whether you love or hate them, you’ll want to talk about these funny, ugly little monsters, as everyone else does! With a distinctive look and personality there is a unique toothy and weird Fuggler waiting to be found by you! So be afraid, be very afraid as there… Continue Reading “Warning: Fugglers are here!”

The ideal Laptop for university

If you have been following my blog recently, you will know that we are the very proud parents of a young man off to university this month. We have been busy organising everything he needs to take with him and although we have tried to save money by packing existing possessions, there are some things that have needed replacing. One of those things is his ancient laptop. It has had a good innings, but at five years old and with… Continue Reading “The ideal Laptop for university”

5 gift ideas for freshers

Trunk of Drunk Game

Kian is off to start his university adventure tomorrow and I have been busy collecting all the practical things he is going to need when he gets there. My head has been so full of all the boring stuff, that I have forgotten the little things. Reminders of family, home comforts, little treats and things to help him bond with new friends. 5 Gift ideas for freshers George Foreman Compact Grill OK, so it still errs on the practical side,… Continue Reading “5 gift ideas for freshers”

Keeping memories alive with Cheerz

Women's FA Cup

Having a blog has given us some amazing opportunities and writing about them and seeing the images online gives me the chance to look back fondly on them. Sometimes, something is so special that it deserves more! Back in May, Eliza was a player escort for the Women’s FA Cup Final, a role that Kian also had the privilege of taking on back in 2011. With Kian we made him a photo book of the occasion and it is something… Continue Reading “Keeping memories alive with Cheerz”

Poopsie Slime Surprise!

Unicorns and slime are all the rage at the moment, so what do you get when you join them together? Poopsie Slime Surprise! Available from all good toy shops, Poopsie Slime Surprise! (RRP: £9.99) allows you to make magical unicorn poop (slime). With a little unicorn magic and sparkle, you can customise unicorn poop and transform it multiple times! Eliza loved delving into the box and finding that each item inside was individually wrapped. The instructions were easy to follow… Continue Reading “Poopsie Slime Surprise!”