Alchemlife PhytoRelief-CC® – natural seasonal immunity support

Phytonrelief CC

Working in the early years sector is a very rewarding job, but that age group are notoriously susceptible to picking up all kinds of bugs and it can leave us constantly feeling that we are fighting off one thing or another. I am a fan of natural remedies as a whole as already take turmeric to help relieve inflammation of my joints caused by arthritis, so when I was invited to try Alchemlife PhytoRelief-CC®, a natural seasonal immunity support lozenge which contains… Continue Reading “Alchemlife PhytoRelief-CC® – natural seasonal immunity support”

Tiger Tribe Beat the Clock Game

Beat the Clock

I am always on the look out for new and exciting games for the kids, but it is not often that I find one that they can all play and enjoy together, then I was sent Tiger Tribe Beat The Clock Stopwatch Set to review. Whether you’re inside or outside, at home, the park or even at school, the Tiger Tribe Beat The Clock Stopwatch Set is jam-packed with fun and constructive activities to get kids interested in exploring time –… Continue Reading “Tiger Tribe Beat the Clock Game”

Feisty Pets from Jazwares

Feisty Pets

Like many children her age, Eliza is a huge fan of unicorns and having her room decorated with a unicorn theme, plus a cuddly one to sit on her bed, is top Christmas list. Well, for Halloween, we have given her a bit of a surprise. Meet Glenda Glitterpoop!! She’s soft and cute, but beware – she has another side to her and will turn on you if you squeeze her! Rumour has it that she was captured at a… Continue Reading “Feisty Pets from Jazwares”

Joe Browns No Ordinary Herringbone Coat Review

Notre Dame

Over the last few years I have also plumped for practical, waterproof coats to get me through the winter months, however I have been yearning for a more stylish coat to wear for days and evenings out, so when JD Williams offered me a winter coat to review, I knew just what I was looking for. I have loved Joe Browns clothing for years, so when I spotted their No Ordinary Herringbone Coat, I knew it was the one for… Continue Reading “Joe Browns No Ordinary Herringbone Coat Review”

Eliza’s first pair of earrings from Molly Brown London

Eliza Paris

At the age of 7, Eliza is starting to develop her own style and gone are the days of us telling her what she should wear. Back in the summer, after over a year of asking, we finally gave in and let her have her ears pierced and have been on the look out for the perfect pair of earrings for her to replace her studs. Molly Brown London is a children’s jewellery brand which was established in 2006 and … Continue Reading “Eliza’s first pair of earrings from Molly Brown London”