Quick and easy barbecue side dishes

Barbecues denote summer and there’s nothing that’ll make your bangers go off with a bang than a fantastic choice of complementary side dishes. None of these will take much time to prepare and when you’re accepting praises from your friends at the end of the occasion, you’ll be glad you made the effort. The essentials Burgers and chips are unquestionably made for each other. Of course you’ll liven up the dish with a choice of salads and other delights, but for a summer filled spirit of adventure then McCain garlic wedges are the answer over plain old fries any day. And …

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Bacon Spinach and Pasta

Healthy Meals on a Budget

Here to dispel the common myth that it is impossible to eat healthily on a budget, we have compiled some general tips along with two affordable meal examples to show that it can indeed be done. General Tips Particularly if you are cooking for yourself, choosing a healthy option can easily end up being an expensive pursuit if you aren’t careful. One tip is to buy and cook in bulk whenever possible, and depending on where you shop, you can often get great deals when you buy items in large quantities. An example of this would be buying a big …

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7 Must-Have Food Items for Weeknight Dinners

We’ve all been there. You’ve just clocked in another exhausting shift at work, navigated the stressful commute home and finally stumbled through the door… with a rumbling belly and little enthusiasm to invest much time in creating a Cordon Bleu dish. While it’s tempting to whip out the takeaway menus and dial in a dinner, it’s also an unnecessarily expensive option. Keeping the pantry (and the freezer!) stocked with just a few simple items means that you’ll never be far from a satisfying and nourishing meal. Ideally, you can throw together some dishes over the weekend and keep them refrigerated …

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Easter Roast Lamb

Lamb is one of my favourite meats but I have to admit that we don’t eat it as often as we would like as the younger kids are not fans and it is quite expensive, so we have it as a treat every now and again. The team at New Zealand Lamb invited us to try a new Easter recipe over the weekend and it was amazing. Ingredients A half shoulder or half leg of New Zealand lamb (thawed from frozen or chilled) 450g potatoes, roughly chopped 250g chantenay carrots 350g squash, peeled, seeds removed and cut into chunks 2 red onions, peeled and …

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McCain Oven Chips

Baked Tortilla with McCain

Isaac is a super fussy eater and would live on Chicken Nuggets and Chips given half the chance, but I have recently noticed a change in him. He has started a cookery club at school and has made things like fish cakes, curry and mini pizza’s and he is has brought these home and actually eaten and enjoyed them! My teens have all been taught to cook as I think it is an important life skill and now I have decided to start with Isaac and Eliza, even Sebby is possible in the hope that they will be more adventurous …

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