New Car Safety Measures Are Set to Improve Family Driving

Grandland X

The European Commission has put in place plans to makes sure that all new cars for sale in Europe are fitted with 11 safety measures by 2021. Many new vehicles already include some of these safety features as standard, for others they are optional while many still don’t have any of them. Research claims that making these 11 safety measures mandatory should save over 7,000 lives and prevent even more serious injuries. For families, these should make driving in the… Continue Reading “New Car Safety Measures Are Set to Improve Family Driving”

Have more famous people died in 2016?

Professor Severus Snape

It has become a running joke in our family that when the news app sounds on the phone I always ask “Who has died now?” The question is, has 2016 taken more celebrities than normal, or is it just my age and the rise of social media that immediate reporting that has made it seem so much worse. I read a really interesting news article from the BBC Obituaries Editor on whether more famous people have died in 2016 which stated… Continue Reading “Have more famous people died in 2016?”

How to host the perfect arts and crafts evening

Craft Party

Hosting the perfect arts and crafts evening takes a fine blend of preparation, baked goods and patience. A combination which, you’ll know if you’ve ever hosted a party before doesn’t always come easy. Still the great thing with arts and crafts evenings is that it’s up to you how structured or laid-back your night is. It can be an evening of creating Tate-worthy paintings or a simple catch up among friends with a side of jewellery making. As the host,… Continue Reading “How to host the perfect arts and crafts evening”

How to dedicate a small amount of family time to charity


Time with family is sacred to you. Despite a busy work schedule and your kids’ school commitments, you spend time together so your children know that you are there for them. Time spent together is how you pass on your love and teach your children about values. It’s where you build their sense of security and self-esteem and prepare them for their lives as adults. It is great when the time that you spend with your family includes activities that… Continue Reading “How to dedicate a small amount of family time to charity”

6 Inspirational Women Who Changed the Face of Cinema


When we think of cinema, we tend to think of strong male figures: Eastwood, Scorsese, Spielberg and Tarantino… but what about the women shaping the films you’re watching? Whether they’re directing, writing, producing, editing or designing, women have changed the face of cinema – and you probably didn’t even know it. So, next time you’re searching through the Sky Planner for something to watch, or flicking through the films listed in your favourite magazine subscriptions, why don’t you consider watching… Continue Reading “6 Inspirational Women Who Changed the Face of Cinema”