Project 365 – 6/52

I have had a really busy week and have been out with the kids most days – shame it is me that is shattered, rather than them! Hope you enjoy this weeks pictures!! 34.  Self portraits with Daddy 35.  A stroll through Bournemouth Gardens 36.  Not quite brave enough to cuddle a Guinea Pig at the farm! 37.  “Go to sleep Dolly” 38.  A clear run up the pier 39.  Dinosaur “Roar” 40.  Trunki Wars

Project 365 – 5/52

It has been a hectic week – we have had all our windows replaced, the cladding ripped off the front of the house and the garden now looks like a bog – heavy rain and workmen are not a good mix! The week did end on a high, with a trip to see Sid’s show in Fareham, which all the kids thoroughly enjoyed. 27.  Running through the tree arch in Christchurch28.  Reading time29.  Honeycomb and Toffee Apple Cheesecake at The Print Room30.  Dude, where’s my window?31.  Can you spot the toddler?32.  Not impressed at being shut outside!33.  Meeting CBeebies Sid

Project 365 – 4/52

This week saw our youngest turn the grand old age of 2.  It has been a week full of fun, new toys and the occasional overwhelmed stroppy moment, but we have had lots of fun! 20.  Isaac reading Daddy his book21.  It’s all got too much!22.  Come on Isaac – PUSH!!23.  Birthday balloon24.  Stealing Peppa Pig’s nose off the cake25.  Where’s Eliza?26.  Who needs Patrick Swayze when you’ve got Daddy and wings?

Project 365 – 3/52

I have had some great fun with my camera this week and it has been tough choosing which pictures to include, especially with a snow day this week, but here they are: 13.  Taking a quick break whilst exploring Hengistbury Head14.  Bathtime15.  Sunshine and Swans at Poole Park16.  Someone insisted on carrying her brothers book bag home from school17.  Strange where some toddlers choose to sleep18.  Rosy cheeks and red noses but enjoying her first glimpse of snow with Mummy19.  Isaac inducting his best friend into the ways of the Skylanders

Project 365 – 2 / 52

I had a bit of a nightmare with my collage app this week, and couldn’t find one that would hold seven photographs. I have put this together and hope that next week I make a better job of it!! 6.  Taking Baby for a walk in her new pram7.  Big brother must give Dolly a kiss goodnight8.  First taste of a McFlurry9.  Goodnight kisses from Isaac10.  Someone insisted on walking the school run11.  Important Call12.  Telling everyone that she has “Peppa Pig”