Alphabet Photo – G is for Geology


Before I had children my dream was to go to university and study Geology and I am still fascinated by rock formations, earthquakes and volcanoes to this day. We live in Dorset and are really lucky to have the Jurassic coast on our doorstep, with beautiful cliffs harbouring all sorts of fabulous fossils. Last weekend we headed out to do some fossil hunting Kimmeridge Bay with the family and I have to admit I got very excited by the obvious stone bands… Continue Reading “Alphabet Photo – G is for Geology”

Alphabet Photo Project – F is for Feline

I adore big cats – there is something about them that is just mesmerizing. We were lucky enough to be invited to the Sunset Party in the Park at Marwell last week and got to see the animals at dusk, when they are most active. We saw a Tiger playing football……. A leopard nonchalantly pacing its enclosure….. but my favourite of all were the Snow Leopards! The cubs were having great fun having a rough and tumble game whilst Mum… Continue Reading “Alphabet Photo Project – F is for Feline”

Alphabet Photo Project – E is for Elation

Isaac adores the park, but recently I have noticed that he is distancing himself from the playframes aimed at the younger children. Because Isaac is quite short for his age he often finds it a struggle keeping up with his big brothers, but I have noticed a stronger and more determined Isaac of late. He is attempting climbing walls! He braved the dark, scary caves! He now hauls himself onto the zip wire……. Just look at his face……. E is… Continue Reading “Alphabet Photo Project – E is for Elation”

Alphabet Photo Project – D is for Daughters

Not sure if this is strictly allowed as Kian too this photo, but I adore it. Regular readers of my blog will know that Abbey (my eldest) celebrated her 21st birthday on 6th June. We had a fun day, treating ourselves to a mahoosive ice cream at Sprinkles Gelato before heading out for a lovely meal with family and friends. D is for Daughters Do you think they look like me?

Alphabet Photo – C is for Chase

Last week was quite frankly epic. When you have teens and an adrenalin junkie husband somehow you find yourself in the background taking photos and not getting to experience things for yourself. Last year I was pregnant with Sebastian and the had an emergency c-section which I struggled to recover from so I took a back seat even more than usual so it is about time I start enjoying things for me again. I entered a competition a couple of… Continue Reading “Alphabet Photo – C is for Chase”