Lifestyle Changes to Aid Your Dog’s Health

If you have decided to bring home a puppy, you have made a promise to care for it for the rest of its life, ensuring that they are well, happy, and healthy. The responsibility of a dog owner is intense, but deciding to bring back an animal and make it a member of the family means you will do what it takes to care for them. This means aiding your dog as they transform from a young puppy into a senior dog that may need additional care and attention. However, it also means making any lifestyle changes for both you …

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5 Ways You Could Be Overspending On Vet Bills

Vet bills can be one of the most expensive costs of being a pet owner. However, many of us end up spending a lot more than is necessary. Below are just five ways you could be overspending on vet bills. Not detecting health problems early When a health problem is detected earlier rather than later, treatment is often easier and cheaper. Of course, detecting problems early isn’t always easy. Animals cannot communicate with us when they are in pain and may instinctually try to hide symptoms. This leads to many health problems being detected late when they are already severe. …

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long haired cat

Grooming Your Long-haired Cat: Practical Tips

Looking after pets may at times be difficult, as you are wholly responsible for their welfare and comfort. Cats are no exception, and are not quite as independent as they themselves would perhaps like to believe. The RSPCA state that a regular grooming regimen for cats helps to keep them healthy and happy. Therefore, it is important to pay the grooming of your cat ample attention, because it may improve many qualities of your furry friend’s life at large. From grooming practices to how cat insurance may play a role, there might be quite a lot to consider depending on …

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Dog Christmas

How to Have Your Dog Love Christmas

The best time of the year is coming up, and as the weather is getting colder and homes are getting cosier, we are all itching to get into the festive mood. Holiday season means more time to spend at home with your loved ones over Christmas, and this includes your pets. Here are some great ways to incorporate your furry friend into the festivities this year, and prepare them for the season ahead. Dress Them for the Occasion Nothing is cuter than a dog in a Christmas jumper, and it can make for a fantastic photo opportunity for Christmas cards …

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Dog Blinds

Adopt, Don’t Shop: How Adopting an Older Dog Could Benefit Your Family

Dogs bring many benefits to their owners and household. For example, petting and talking to a dog can reduce stress and anxiety, taking your dog for regular walks and spending time outside is great for your mental and physical health, and if you have children, then a dog will teach them respect and confidence when being around animals, plus a number of responsibilities and other important life lessons. When it comes to introducing a dog into the home, many people are put off the idea of adoption due to myths and misconceptions about rescue dog. The chances of an older …

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