Charly Says

Charley Says – a New Campaign

One of my fondest childhood memories is the safety campaign “Charley Says” so I was really excited to learn that Electrical Safety First is to revive the nation’s favourite safety characters and reduce electrical accidents in the home. Charley Says, the nation’s favourite safety film, has been brought back to life by Electrical Safety First with the help of comedian David Walliams. Through a series of new adventures and near misses Charley the cat and his hapless young owner will teach the need for electrical safety in the home by highlighting what not to do.   The original Charley Says …

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A Kitchen Story

When we bought our house in 2005 it is safe to say that we didn’t buy it for the kitchen. Although it was a decent size compared to what we had come from, it was old and poorly designed, the integrated dishwasher didn’t work and the oven was on its last legs.  We got married two weeks after moving in and the first job I wanted to do was the kitchen. I was completely naive to the cost of house renovations and was horrified by the quotes that came in for revamping our kitchen…….it was clear that our kitchen would …

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Child Safety Week

One in four parents would like to see more information on child safety according to latest research by Lindam. Today, the UK’s number one child safety brand announced results from a survey commissioned with Mumsnet, the UK’s biggest website for parents, to raise awareness of attitudes into child safety in the home. Although a large number of Brits would suggest they are confidently clued-up when it comes to safety knowledge, this new research suggests many remain on the lookout for more information to help understand the products and devices needed to adapt their homes effectively. The report shows only 37% …

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Bouncy Castle

BeBop Bouncy Castles: The New Summer Craze!

BeBop bouncy castles have so many different inflatables to choose from, with so many different ways to play on them, that by simply purchasing one of these amazing toys, you could be the one to start a completely new summer craze – now wouldn’t that be something? Your garden could be the envy of the entire street, even the whole neighbourhood, with one of the many BeBop castles standing proudly in the middle of it. Perhaps you’ll choose the 14.5 foot 8 in 1 Castle? With a massive slide, a basketball hoop, climbing apparatus, and of course a huge bouncing …

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little things

Garden Revamp

Despite promising that last year was going to be the year we finally revamped our garden, it never happened for all sorts of reasons.  I was out of action after having a caesarian, hubby was always at work and we were having lots of fun enjoying a rare hot summer at the beach. I am determined that this year it will get done. The one thing we are really missing is a patio / decking area where we can sit and relax outside.  I toyed with the idea of decking, but having seen my neighbour slip on hers and badly …

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