2018 Flooring Trends

When it comes to decorating your home, every detail matters. It is important to get every element of a room right, including the flooring. Every year brings new trends when it comes to home decor, and 2018 is no exception. So, if you are planning to replace one or more of your floors, read on to see what flooring materials you can expect to find in the shops. New skirting In the past, when people updated their flooring the most… Continue Reading “2018 Flooring Trends”

Stylish Lighting Ideas for Your Home


As you know, if you read this blog regularly, we recently tested a personal wireless lighting kit. To say we were pleased with the results is an understatement. It completely transformed how we light up some of our rooms and gave us so much more control. Our success with this kit prompted us to look more closely at how we light other areas of our home. It turns out there are lots of ways to transform your home using modern… Continue Reading “Stylish Lighting Ideas for Your Home”

Chicken Pox has landed!!

Chicken Pox

Having had 6 children, our family is very familiar with childhood diseases and the treatments that help and the ones that don’t. Chicken Pox was last in the house in September 2012 when Eliza caught it and subsequently passed it onto Isaac, who suffered very badly. At this point Sebastian wasn’t around, so each time it has gone round nursery I have been expecting him to pick it up, but he managed to avoid it every time. Poor Sebby has… Continue Reading “Chicken Pox has landed!!”

Dinner is served: Creating that perfect dining room space

Some days it can feel that getting everyone around the table to eat is a bit of a miracle! We all lead such busy lives, having said that, it’s still so important that everyone gets together and eats, plays and spends time with each other from time to time. So, if having more family meals together is something you’re aspiring to this year, then why not take a look at your dining space and see where it could be improved?… Continue Reading “Dinner is served: Creating that perfect dining room space”

Good Energy Habits with British Gas

Cooking on Gas

Back in October 2013 we were one of the first households in the country to have the new smart meters installed with British Gas. The smart meters upgrade was a programme set out by the UK Government as a way of helping consumers gain more control over their energy use and spending. It also aims to help meet environmental targets and security of energy supply in the future and we have been one of the first households in the country to… Continue Reading “Good Energy Habits with British Gas”