Happy Bedrooms for Kids!

Unicorn blanket

As they get older, a child’s bedroom is more than just somewhere to sleep. It is their very own personal space, somewhere to chill out, relax, read a book, listen to some music or host some epic sleepovers! In the past, we have made the mistake of spending a fortune on decorating the kids rooms in their favourite characters, but they often grow out of them very quickly, so we now paint the walls a neutral colour and decorate with… Continue Reading “Happy Bedrooms for Kids!”

Tips for cutting your heating bills

House Heating

Surely you are lounging in the summer sunshine and enjoying the weather at the moment – especially with zero to minimal heating costs. Natural heat is what it’s all about right now! However, before you know it, winter will be here, and you’ll be sweating out those high energy heat bills. So why not make hay whilst the sun shines (literally!) and get cracking on how to cut back heating costs in the midst of a cold, freezing winter? Bundle… Continue Reading “Tips for cutting your heating bills”

How to choose your new front door

Door Knocker

First impressions count and your front door is one of the first things your visitors will see when they arrive at your home. Your front door should not only be functional and offer you a good level of security, but it should also contribute to the style of the exterior of the house. What type of front door should you choose? A door for tech lovers Pirnar entry doors are perfect for lovers of style and technology, with elegantly hidden… Continue Reading “How to choose your new front door”

Keeping Your Hallway Organised During Busy Family Life


When you have a family it can be incredibly difficult to keep the house organised. One area which is particularly bad is the hallway as this becomes a dumping ground as soon as people get home so it can quickly become filled up with coats, shoes, bags and anything else that people want to be rid of when they get in.  So, how can you keep this space organised? There are a few good storage solutions which will help to… Continue Reading “Keeping Your Hallway Organised During Busy Family Life”

Best Boiler Cover: A Plan to Decrease Your Financial Stress


Paying for boiler insurance means decreasing your stress. If your boiler stop working in the middle of winter, your insurance provider will send a qualified engineer to access the reason for the breakdown and fix it. Unfortunately, each boiler cover is different in terms of speedy repair response, a maximum value for money and customer service. If you want to get the maximum benefits of your boiler cover, you must consider the Corgi Home Plan. Check their website www.corgihomeplan.co.uk/ to… Continue Reading “Best Boiler Cover: A Plan to Decrease Your Financial Stress”