What Can You Do About Your Home Costing A Fortune?

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If you are constantly struggling with the costs of your home, then it’s possible that you need to make some changes. By exploring the right changes here, you could save a fortune and this will ultimately be money that you’ll be able to spend elsewhere. Here are a few of the options that we recommend you do keep in mind.  Look At Your Mortgage First, you might want to think about the mortgage. If you own your home, then this… Continue Reading “What Can You Do About Your Home Costing A Fortune?”

Organise Your Finances With These Four Finance Decluttering Tips

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Getting organised with anything is a task most people like to put off. These delaying tactics also apply to people’s finances. However, there is no time like this moment to start getting decluttered and get your finances organised. So, to help give you a head start on the road to decluttered finances, here are four handy steps. 1. Create Separate Bank Accounts Having all your physical paperwork mixed doesn’t make sense to most people. But when it comes to money,… Continue Reading “Organise Your Finances With These Four Finance Decluttering Tips”

How to Get Some of the Best Freebies

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Most people love getting freebies. In fact, there are people who go out of their way to stand in long lines just for a chance to get something for free, whether its food, clothes, beauty supplies, or other great products they can use. While most people love their freebies, there are quite a few things you should do to make sure you’re getting the best deals all the time. You can quickly become a skilled freebie hunter in no time,… Continue Reading “How to Get Some of the Best Freebies”

Adding value to your buy-to-let on a budget

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The rental market in the UK is not short of properties. If you have a buy-to-let investment, you may be up against some stiff competition when attracting potential tenants. So, what can you do to add value to your property and make it stand out amongst the rest? When making changes to your buy-to-let, it’s important to strike the balance between adding value and spending money on pointless changes. You want to know that whatever you invest in is going… Continue Reading “Adding value to your buy-to-let on a budget”

What does income protection cover?

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In these crazy uncertain times, there has been a surge of interest in insurance products such as income protection. We’ve realised that we are not invincible, and anything can happen to compromise our earnings. It’s worth having some cover in place to safeguard us in difficult times – particularly if you have a family who relies on your income. Income protection requires a little monthly investment, so you might be wondering how it works and what it covers. Here’s a… Continue Reading “What does income protection cover?”