Home renovation suggestions for your elderly relatives

Elderly person at home

No-one wants to get old, but sadly it is something that happens to us all at some point. As parents and loved ones age, it may be necessary to make some changes around their house to help them lead an independent, happy and healthy life for as long as possible. Possibly one of the most common issues to consider in the ageing process is limited mobility and there are several simple ways you can update the home to ensure everyone’s… Continue Reading “Home renovation suggestions for your elderly relatives”

Make a New Year’s Resolution to save money

piggy bank

Saving money is a good habit to get in to and it is something I have always encouraged the kids to do from an early age. If you save regularly, it is lovely to watch your savings start to add up and keep growing and the easiest way to get your savings working for you is to set things up so that you automatically add a little bit each month to your savings. That way you won’t have to remember… Continue Reading “Make a New Year’s Resolution to save money”

BEKO Freestanding American Style Fridge Freezer ASD241 – Review

Beko Fridge Freezer

Back in November our old fridge freezer decided to stop working on us, which left us searching for the perfect fridge freezer to replace it. Our old fridge freezer was large, but not quite an American sized Fridge Freezer and I have often struggled to fit everything in it that I needed to, so this time I started looking for a larger one. We finally plumped for the BEKO American style fridge freezer ASD241 which comes with BEKO’s NeoFrost™ technology,… Continue Reading “BEKO Freestanding American Style Fridge Freezer ASD241 – Review”

The Perfect Delivery: Online Shopping Tips For The First Time Buyer


Online shopping is on the rise. In 2016, 1.66 billion people made a purchase directly over the internet. According to Statista, this number will rise significantly in the next few years to reach 2.14 billion in 2021.  If you’re planning your first online purchase, the following are a few tips to make the process smooth and trouble-free; Make sure it’s not a phishing website The buzz around digital commerce has resulted in widespread fraud in the sector. Several imposters now… Continue Reading “The Perfect Delivery: Online Shopping Tips For The First Time Buyer”

Wood Flooring Finishes for Family Homes

Wooden Flooring

WFamily homes have a delicate eco-system. In order for them to thrive, the dynamic of every room has to be positive and perfectly balanced. Whether you have little ones on the way, or they’re already running around causing mischief, your home interior needs to be adapted to manage the hustle-and-bustle of family life. Alongside child-proofing furniture and redecorating, many homeowners will upgrade their flooring, looking for something that boasts durability without compromising on character. Wood flooring is widely regarded as… Continue Reading “Wood Flooring Finishes for Family Homes”