Keeping the Kids Hydrated with Highland Spring #bravebynature

Highland Spring

My kids love being outside. We just don’t do being cooped up at home and would rather be out exploring our local area, bug hunting or having fun at the beach. Over the summer holidays we have lots of days out planned which have included visits to London, local days out and a walking holiday in the Lake District. On our days out I always take my trusty backpack which contains a first aid kit, picnic lunch and bottles of… Continue Reading “Keeping the Kids Hydrated with Highland Spring #bravebynature”

Treating that Chickenpox itch with Care Virasoothe


The dreaded Chickenpox seems to be doing the rounds again and despite being exposed to it, Sebastian has yet to pick it up. Chickenpox is a common illness that mainly affects children and causes an itchy, spotty rash with the symptoms starting one to three weeks after becoming infected. The main symptom is a rash that develops in three stages: spots – red raised spots develop on the face or chest before spreading to other parts of the body blisters – over the… Continue Reading “Treating that Chickenpox itch with Care Virasoothe”

Relieving Foot Pain this Summer with the Footner Coolactive Massager

Footner Coolactive Massager

I suffer with psoriatic arthritis and it is my hands and feet that seem to suffer the post and I consistently have pain and swelling in both my hands and feet. I try not to let the pain stop me from doing activities with the kids and tend to power through any discomfort when we are out and about but it often leaves me with burning, heavy feet. I have started using a new painkiller called Combogesic which really helps… Continue Reading “Relieving Foot Pain this Summer with the Footner Coolactive Massager”

Combating Allergies with the Vax Pure Air 300 Air Purifier

Vax Air Purifier

Living with allergies can be a miserable experience for not only the sufferer but for the families around them. Sufferers symptoms include itchy, sore or watery eyes, sneezing, stuffy nose, coughing and wheezing and treatments include antihistamines, nasal corticosteroids and decongestants. We find that the allergies are worse at night and are often woken by coughing and sneezing and have to top up the medication that eases the symptoms. Did you know that Dust mites are the most common trigger of… Continue Reading “Combating Allergies with the Vax Pure Air 300 Air Purifier”

A Traffic Jam Slumberland: Top Tips and Tech to Help You Fall Asleep Faster


With about 60 million people in the US alone struggling to sleep, getting a good night’s rest is often much easier said than done. With the constant pressures of modern-day life mounting up, we can often find our minds consistently on-the-go and incapable of proper relaxation. Whilst it’s completely normal to have a bad night’s sleep every now and again, if you always find it difficult to drift off you may experience some quite serious health-related symptoms if you don’t… Continue Reading “A Traffic Jam Slumberland: Top Tips and Tech to Help You Fall Asleep Faster”