How your eyes change as you age


It’s easy to take your eyes for granted. You use them every day in almost everything you do. Also, if you’re a busy parent, it gets harder for you to take care of your health and make it a priority. But, just think of all the things you couldn’t do without your eyes?  Given how much your overall health can affect your eyes, having a bit of knowledge about how your eyes will change as you age may just help… Continue Reading “How your eyes change as you age”

Aritaum Essential Skin Care Tips for Your 20s


Your 20s are a great time to begin incorporating skin care habits that will serve you well in the long run. Your skin in your 20s is still receptive to skincare investments like using Aritaum that will save you a lot of time, effort, and money down the line. Your skin care regimen at this age is more focused on prevention and building up healthy foundations rather than treatment as with skin care in your 30s and beyond.  Here are… Continue Reading “Aritaum Essential Skin Care Tips for Your 20s”

‘Get Lippy’ for the Eve Appeal

Womens Health

This May, 10% of sales of YES VM and YES VM apps will go to The Eve Appeal, a charity which works to raise awareness of the five gynaecological cancers. The charity’s campaign ‘Get Lippy’ is all about encouraging brands to shout loud about women’s health issues.  The only UK charity raising awareness and funding research into gynae cancers (womb, ovarian, cervical, vaginal and vulval), The Eve Appeal was set up to save women’s lives. 2019 is the second year… Continue Reading “‘Get Lippy’ for the Eve Appeal”

3 signs it’s time to change your career


The decision to veer from your chosen career path can be one of the most difficult you’ll ever make. For many people, the idea of starting from scratch at the bottom of the ladder is an altogether terrifying prospect and one that only seems to get scarier the older you are. However, times are changing, and career swaps have become more common than ever before — at any age. Take a look at the warning signs below to decide whether… Continue Reading “3 signs it’s time to change your career”

How to adapt your beauty regime for the colder months

Hand Cream

Cold weather can really wreak havoc where skin and complexion are concerned. Biting breezes combined with stuffy central heating can see even the most glowing skin become dry and outbreak prone. However, there are certain steps you can take to protect your complexion from these winter skin woes. Try making these small changes to your beauty regime and see if you can see the difference. Hand cream is key Protecting your hands against the freezing temperatures is vital. The delicate… Continue Reading “How to adapt your beauty regime for the colder months”