How to adapt your beauty regime for the colder months

Hand Cream

Cold weather can really wreak havoc where skin and complexion are concerned. Biting breezes combined with stuffy central heating can see even the most glowing skin become dry and outbreak prone. However, there are certain steps you can take to protect your complexion from these winter skin woes. Try making these small changes to your beauty regime and see if you can see the difference. Hand cream is key Protecting your hands against the freezing temperatures is vital. The delicate… Continue Reading “How to adapt your beauty regime for the colder months”

Helping Your Kids Cope With Hay Fever


Families normally welcome spring and its warmer weather after spending months inside during the cold seasons. The days are balmier, and the warm sunshine allows everyone to spend plenty of time outdoors. With spring however, come millions of airborne plant particles that can play up havoc with little one’s noses, by triggering bouts of irritating and unpleasant hay fever, or allergic rhinitis as it is also referred to. Why does hay fever happen in spring? Flowers, plants and trees release… Continue Reading “Helping Your Kids Cope With Hay Fever”

How managing screen time can improve your child’s behaviour


When my older kids were young, mobile phones and the internet were in their infancy and the only screen time we had to manage was how may times they had watched The Little Mermaid or Lion King on VHS that week. Now that I am also a parent in the digital age, battles over screen time and devices have become a depressing part of family life, and knowing how much is too much has become a moving target. I remember… Continue Reading “How managing screen time can improve your child’s behaviour”

What are BB creams and are they good for rosacea?

I have suffered with Acne Rosacea for over ten years with my main symptom being facial flushing. The symptoms of rosacea are extreme redness of the cheeks, spots, raised bumps and dry, sore eyes.  Triggers include stress, exercise, alcohol, spicy food, sunshine, central heating, cold etc – in fact I often joke that “life” is a trigger. Rosacea is very common in people with my skin type – I am fair-skinned with a tendency for rosy cheeks and one of… Continue Reading “What are BB creams and are they good for rosacea?”

5 simple ways to have a better night’s sleep

Girls Bedroom

With sleep being a huge part of everyone’s health and life. It is important that you have a place that you can get a great night’s sleep, which is why we are going to list below, the 5 simple ways to get a better nights sleep. Wind Down & Have A Clear Head Are you often finding it difficult to sleep or wake each night? There are a number of things from your day which can make it difficult for… Continue Reading “5 simple ways to have a better night’s sleep”