Eight quick fundraising ideas


Many times, organisations and individuals are looking for quick fundraising either for an emergency situation, to get through the hump during mid-campaign, or to roll the ball on a longer-term campaign. Quick fundraising calls for interesting ideas to engage people and on an immediate basis. We, therefore, have compiled a list of eight quick and easy fundraising ideas that will entice people to pool in money for your non-profit and enjoy while doing it. Bring Out Your Inner Master Chef… Continue Reading “Eight quick fundraising ideas”

How Tradeshows are a Great Investment!

Trade Show Booth

For companies that want to publicise and showcase their products, tradeshows are a great investment. With the dot com boom and the advances in social media marketing, the value of trade shows has been overlooked in some industries. While Internet technology is changing the marketing landscape at a rapid pace, there are several unique benefits to having an exhibit presence at a trade show There are opportunities for fresh prospects at trade shows, with about 64 percent of attendees not… Continue Reading “How Tradeshows are a Great Investment!”

How to choose the best mother-of-the-bride makeup looks

Mother of the Bride

Once you’ve chosen your mother-of-the-bride dresses and shoes, the glam process is far from over. You still need to plan your hair and makeup looks! But that’s the most fun part of getting ready. Your makeup will put the finishing touches on your look for the big day, and can really influence your overall aesthetic.  Read on for our tips for how to choose the best mother-of-the-bride makeup looks.  Compliment your dress When strolling through the racks of mother of… Continue Reading “How to choose the best mother-of-the-bride makeup looks”

5 simple ways to have a better night’s sleep

Girls Bedroom

With sleep being a huge part of everyone’s health and life. It is important that you have a place that you can get a great night’s sleep, which is why we are going to list below, the 5 simple ways to get a better nights sleep. Wind Down & Have A Clear Head Are you often finding it difficult to sleep or wake each night? There are a number of things from your day which can make it difficult for… Continue Reading “5 simple ways to have a better night’s sleep”

6 Things You Should Experience Before Getting Married

Ladies Party

Every girl imagines herself wearing the white dress and walking the aisle with her daddy. Even the imagination cannot beat the beautiful feeling of getting married to the person you love and trust. Although the wedding preps are pretty exhausting, the entire experience is worth the hassle. No matter how amazing all this sounds, you need to realise the downside of getting married, i.e. you will not be able to do some activities, as they can hurt your partner badly.… Continue Reading “6 Things You Should Experience Before Getting Married”