3 Non-chocolate Easter gift ideas for kids

It only feels like we had Christmas 5 minutes ago, but Easter is already upon us. We all know that kids love chocolate, but when the whole family buys them Easter eggs, it can mean that there is a chocolate overload in the house, so here are some of my favourite alternative gift ideas. STABILO Woody 3-in-1 The STABILO Woody 3-in-1 are perfect for decorating for Easter as they draw on all surfaces including glass and coloured paper. They are… Continue Reading “3 Non-chocolate Easter gift ideas for kids”

Perfect Mothers Day Gifts

Classic brownie box (1)

Mother’s Day will soon be here, so now is an ideal time to think about ways to show your love. This year might involve more online purchases than usual, so it’s best to start looking now, to avoid those frustrating “sold out” signs. A Gift to Last A framed print is something that will give pleasure all year round, not just on Mother’s Day. The Positive Print Company makes the most of words to produce uplifting and humorous messages with… Continue Reading “Perfect Mothers Day Gifts”

5 Personalised Gifts That Your Family and Friends Will Love

Photo Scrapbook

When it comes to gifting a loved one, nothing beats the charm of personalised gifts. While any gift can make the recipient happy, it’s the care and thought you put into a personalised gift that creates a lasting impression in their hearts. And, that’s what truly matters. If you’re looking to go the extra mile and gift something really unique to a friend or a family member, here are some options to consider. 1. Photo coasters How about reminiscing your… Continue Reading “5 Personalised Gifts That Your Family and Friends Will Love”

6 Unique Gifts That Are Perfect for Artistic People

art set

Wondering what to birthday gift to give to an artsy friend of yours? Or you might be looking for a perfect anniversary gift for your artist cousin? Finding an appropriate gift for artistic people can often be quite a task. After all, they have unique personalities. And while some are vibrant and colourful, others can be sombre and poetic. Just like every individual is different, presents for them too have to be unique and well-thought out to match their persona.… Continue Reading “6 Unique Gifts That Are Perfect for Artistic People”