Street Style At Paris Fashion Week - Womenswear Spring Summer 2021 : Day Seven

Super Looks for Super Chic Mammas This Spring

Spring is on its the way don’t worry and we can all get our glam self back to normal we hope with the relaxing of the lockdown even if not it’s much better to get into a happy place by getting some fashionable new threads to be a super chic Mumma (a bit in lockdown) even with restriction.  World-renowned fashion site is a fantastic place to get the best designer and luxury shoes, bags and clothes to help pull off the Spring 2021 looks. So let’s see what you can be stepping out in. Look 1: Warm Sunny Hues …

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9 Creative Uses for Used Coffee Grounds

Coffee is such a special thing that it feels wrong to throw away used grounds. It turns out that there are a variety of things to do with this waste product that are both good for the earth and for you! Exfoliation Use the best possible ground coffee for your morning cup. Once brewed, this ground coffee can’t really be used for drinking again: the resulting beverage will be too weak in flavour to be worth it. Thankfully, there are lots of things to do with the wet coffee grounds. They are fantastic mixed with coconut oil and essential oils …

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5 Fashion Trends Mums Need To Try In The New Year

The fashion industry never stands still for long. And for mums who are busy with looking after kids, that can be a challenge. You never quite know what’s coming down the pike, what’s acceptable to wear, and what isn’t.  2021 is shaping up to be an interesting year in the world of fashion. Nobody quite knows which way the year is going to go, and the fashion calendar is decidedly empty compared to, say, 2019.  Fortunately, there are three vaccines approved for use in the UK at the time of writing, with around 2 million people receiving vaccinations, so hopefully …

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How Regenerative Medicine Is Advancing the Luxury Aesthetics Market

The luxury aesthetics market is going through a transformation as advances in regenerative medicine procedures are becoming more available to patients seeking noninvasive cosmetic procedures. The demand for safer, more effective, and less invasive cosmetic treatments are at an all-time high. Making fat transfer and natural alternatives to dermal fillers more popular than ever. If these terms and treatments are new to you, here is an overview of what regenerative medicine is and how it’s being utilised in the aesthetics market: What is regenerative medicine? Regenerative medicine is the scientific process that involves taking a sample of a patient’s own …

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Leather hand bag

5 Luxury Brands Worth Investing in in 2020

Vivienne Westwood is well known for the concept of buy less, choose wisely and make it last. This concept is all about investing in quality over quantity. Quality, durability and craftsmanship are important factors, but when it comes to investment value, an item’s ability to withstand the test of time and its rarity can also come into play. So, bearing all of these things in mind, here are some of the best luxury brands worth investing in in 2020: Chanel Everyone’s heard of the luxury brand Chanel. They’re not only popular for their amazing bags, but they also produce a …

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