4 Winter Style Tips for Little Girls

Eliza Puddle

There is a definite art to dressing kids for our changeable winter weather. So far this winter we have seen more than our fair share of rain, with very mild temperatures meaning that we have needed to rely on waterproof coats rather than thick padded coats, however, it is important to remember that children can lose heat rapidly and often won’t feel the cold, so we need dress them appropriately. How do you keep the kids warm and stylish through… Continue Reading “4 Winter Style Tips for Little Girls”

Gaston Luga Pråper Backpack Review

Gaston Luga Satchel

Finding the perfect bag for travel can be a challenge. Too big and it becomes cumbersome and heavy to lug around, but if it is too small you cannot carry everything you need. In the past, when the kids were younger, we relied on backpacks for all the paraphernalia you need when leaving the house with small children, however, now they are older I am after something a little more stylish. Gaston Luga is a Swedish backpack retailer located in… Continue Reading “Gaston Luga Pråper Backpack Review”

Should You Allow Your Daughter To Be A Teen Model?

Teenage Model

Your daughter may love fashion and envision herself being a model. What happens if her interest turns into something serious? What do you do if she says that that is really what she wants to do? It’s one thing for your daughter to fantasise about being a model. It’s quite another when she asks for help in becoming one. Is it ok these days for your teen to become a model? There has been a lot of unsavoury news regarding… Continue Reading “Should You Allow Your Daughter To Be A Teen Model?”

6 Style Finding Tips to Help You Discover the Look That’s 100% You

Joe Browns Coat

Fashion is all around us. We see stylish folks on the street. We witness lovely garments in the shops. When waiting in line at the grocery store, we look over and see tabloids of women and men wearing the latest fashions. Yet, many of us struggle to find our own style. However, finding our own personal style is important. Without it, we will never be able to properly represent ourselves or feel the most comfortable and confident in our skin… Continue Reading “6 Style Finding Tips to Help You Discover the Look That’s 100% You”

Finding the perfect active wear for you!

Active wear

Finding sports pants which are not only so comfortable that you can’t feel them, but are also able to give you a push up effect on the B-side? We will show you! One of the biggest problems is to find the perfect pair of leggings that follow you in every movement and that the fabric does not group around your ankles. You’re a fitness fanatic and you’ve already worn a lot of training leggings? If you are going to start… Continue Reading “Finding the perfect active wear for you!”