Dear Teenager………..


Over the Christmas holidays my two teenage boys spent more time together than they have in a long time and it seems that their bad habits seem to have rubbed off on one another. I do feel like I am constantly nagging them in one way or another and am normally met with a grunt which actually means “I will do it later”, although later never seems to come or just a roll of the eyes and a shrug of… Continue Reading “Dear Teenager………..”

Christmas Presents for Teen Boys


With two teenage boys in the house I have turned my thoughts to Christmas presents. Shopping for the little ones is easy, they have a Christmas list as long as their arm but as they get older it gets more and more difficult. Callan (17) has his own sense of style and I did chuckle when he sent me various pictures of hoody’s and t-shirts through whatsapp on my phone with the words, “Mum, this is what I want for… Continue Reading “Christmas Presents for Teen Boys”

Teen Drivers: What You Can Do As A Parent To Help

L Plate

As parents, we are always worried that our children will run into some accident or that something bad may happen to them. When they become teenagers, this worry just intensifies the moment they are allowed to drive a car. They may have passed their theory tests and practical tests but to our minds, our children are still children and they need our help to avoid trouble. Here are some ways you can help your teenage child driver: Steps to take… Continue Reading “Teen Drivers: What You Can Do As A Parent To Help”

Helping your teen deal with a break-up


Parenting teens can be really hard.  Not only are there all the emotions to contend with but life does get more complicated the older you get and when you add a first love in the mix! Most of us can remember how painfully sad we felt after our first breakup.  I know I certainly didn’t take it well and went to pieces with my mum and step-dad unhelpfully telling me it wasn’t real love and there was plenty more fish… Continue Reading “Helping your teen deal with a break-up”

How to teach your teens to borrow safely

piggy bank

Experian credit check: a useful tool to help teens learn safe borrowing It’s easy to think that your little ones will be little forever, but there comes a point when we all have to admit to ourselves that our kiddies are growing up and will, one day, have to look after themselves in this big scary world of ours. As parents, it’s our job to prepare them for their impending independence as much as possible, and when children turn into… Continue Reading “How to teach your teens to borrow safely”