Is It Time Your Teenagers Learnt About Money?

Teenage children can be a challenge. Not just because of hormones or behaviour, some of us have perfect children that give us no trouble at all. The challenges can come due to knowing when it’s the right time to give your kids more responsibility.  This could be anything from allowing them to stay out later, to choosing their bedtimes. It could be letting them stay in the house for a night when you aren’t there, or maybe, it’s helping them learn about money.  Teaching your children about finances is vital as they grow older. By now they may have a …

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Teenage Model

Should You Allow Your Daughter To Be A Teen Model?

Your daughter may love fashion and envision herself being a model. What happens if her interest turns into something serious? What do you do if she says that that is really what she wants to do? It’s one thing for your daughter to fantasise about being a model. It’s quite another when she asks for help in becoming one. Is it ok these days for your teen to become a model? There has been a lot of unsavoury news regarding teen models lately so you may scoff at the idea at first. In this article, we will take a realistic …

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Mobile Phone

Keeping kids being mobile safe at school

I am often asked at what age we gave the kids their own mobile phone. In my mind, the perfect age is when the kids start secondary school at the age of 11 as they start walking to school by themselves and means they can get hold of me if there is a problem, or I can reach them if I am worrying because they are running late. When Abbey and Callan were younger, mobile phones were used to make calls, send texts and maybe take the odd grainy photo, but these days kids all seem to have the latest …

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Talking to the Teens with Boots UK #TeenTalk

Being a parent of tots through to teens often has its challenges. One minute I am discussing how silly Marshall is in Paw Patrol to chatting about how best to treat the latest outbreak of spots. People often ask me what it is like parenting a teenager and my reply is always the same – tough. Parenting is hard work at all stages of life. With babies it is the lack of sleep that is the killer, toddlers it is the battle of wills, at school age they start learning behaviours from their friends, but teenagers are a whole other kettle …

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The pain of finding clothing for teenage boys

Kian has had a bit of a growth spurt in recent months – his shoe size has shot up by two whole sizes and his trousers were arguing with his ankles so it was apparent we needed to do some clothes shopping. Like most 14 year old boys he was quite happy to lounge around the house in his ankle swingers and the thought of shopping for clothes filled him with horror – losing precious gaming time to be dragged around shops is certainly not a teenagers idea of fun. I find shopping for kids clothes fun.  The clothes for …

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