My 2011 Highs and Lows Meme

I have been tagged by the lovely @mummyconstant 1.  What was you happiest event? It has to be the birth of Eliza on 24th … Read more

Our Best Family Holiday

Sat at the computer trying to write my Childminding policies, I found myself flicking through snaps of the children when they were younger and I … Read more

My Frustration!

I have no idea what to call this post, I just know I have to get it off my chest!! I think I’m turning into … Read more

Our Christmas

We had a lovely time for Eliza’s first Christmas! The kids got us up at a reasonable 6am to open their stockings from Father Christmas … Read more

A Tattoo too far?

I am still reeling from the discovery that my beautiful 18 year old daughter has had a tattoo done. I didn’t shout, scream or cry … Read more

I did it!

I finally plucked up the courage and did it!What you may ask??I handed in my notice at work so won’t be going back after maternity … Read more