Are You Really Ready To Have A Child With Him?


A lot of women have no problem telling when they’re ready to have a child. There’s the biological clock aspect of it, and some women make up their mind from a young age and have their heart set and ready for it for years. But what about when it comes to choosing the man you have that kid with? You might be ready, but are you ready to have it with him in particular? Is there a good division of… Continue Reading “Are You Really Ready To Have A Child With Him?”

Living In The Country, What Should Be Your Car?

When it rains in the city, it’s damp and miserable. When it rains in the country it’s all those things as well as muddy and slippery. This is something that you see quite a lot in rural areas. The weather seems twice as powerful when you’re surrounded by fields, rivers and hills. There’s no concrete jungle to block out the sun, so you feel it more on your skin. There are no buildings getting in the way of the rain… Continue Reading “Living In The Country, What Should Be Your Car?”

Understanding Your Child’s Learning Style

Walking to school

Did you know that by identifying your child’s learning style, you can help to support their academic development? There are three common learning styles and each child has a dominant learning style or technique. By understanding the characteristics of each style, parents can identify the best learning activities and tools to aid their child’s development. To help you identify your child’s individual learning style and unlock their full potential, Taunton School have provided the following information and advice… What are… Continue Reading “Understanding Your Child’s Learning Style”

The problem with a house full of tech!

Echo Dot

My husband adores technology, well if I am honest we all do in our house. We have Philips Hue Lights that are controlled with our smart phones, a Smart TV, Amazon Alexa’s or Dots in most rooms and of course our PC’s etc. This week, however, we encountered a problem. We have Virgin Media and they decided to upgrade our local servers, so we have had a couple of days outage for both TV and Wifi. As a blogger I… Continue Reading “The problem with a house full of tech!”

Top Tips to Prepare Your Body for Pregnancy

Maternity Photo

Regardless of whether you are planning to conceive a baby by natural means or through IVF treatment and other fertility support, there are lots of things you can do to boost your chances of becoming pregnant and giving birth to a healthy baby. The best place to start is by visiting your GP for a full health check-up, including your sexual health. It’s important to discuss these matters because some STIs and other illnesses can lead to infertility. Your doctor’s… Continue Reading “Top Tips to Prepare Your Body for Pregnancy”