Disappointment on National Offer Day


It has been a day we have been equally dreading / looking forward since last October when we submitted Isaac’s secondary school choices. Like all good parents, we trawled around half a dozen of our local schools, attended head teacher talks and got a feel for his preferred choices. For Isaac, there was one school that stood out head and shoulders above the rest and he has had his heart set on attending this school ever since. He completed the… Continue Reading “Disappointment on National Offer Day”

How to prevent Travel Sickness on a Ferry Journey

Stena Line Lagan

Travelling with children can be a tricky business, especially if they are prone to travel sickness. Mine seem to be fine with air and car travel, but when it comes to boats, that is an entirely different matter. Back in February 2016, after a particularly rough ferry crossing from Poole to St Malo, I wrote a post on how to survive a ferry journey with kids, which is consistently one of my most read posts. It took two years to… Continue Reading “How to prevent Travel Sickness on a Ferry Journey”

Setting them up for their future – teaching your little ones good spending habits

piggy bank

I don’t know about you, but there have been times in my life when I had plenty of money sitting in my bank account and yet back then, I still thought I was in a monetary pickle. Fast forward to today and I’m probably worse off and would give anything to have my old bank account worries back! I was never really given or taught any financial advice; you’d think it was something they’d teach in schools…how to manage your… Continue Reading “Setting them up for their future – teaching your little ones good spending habits”

What would be first on your shopping list if you won the Lottery?

Lamborghini Huracan_

Living close to the millionaires playground of Sandbanks, we are no strangers to how the other half live and often drive past their stunning houses or get overtaken by a supercar or two. This often leads to an interesting game of “What would be the first thing you would buy if you won the lottery?”, and kids being kids, the more bizarre the better. Abbey: New Bathroom / Kitchen / Sofa for her flat Abbey has just got on the property ladder and bought her first… Continue Reading “What would be first on your shopping list if you won the Lottery?”

Making the Internet Work for Your Family


Not many of us can imagine living without internet. From online gaming and streaming TV, to our smartphones and even home digital assistants, we use the internet far more than we think. There are a lot of scaremongering stories about the internet making us unhappy, stupid, or both but this is quite an extreme view to take when it comes to something that ultimately makes family life much easier overall. Read below to discover how to make the internet work… Continue Reading “Making the Internet Work for Your Family”