Helping Your Teenager Find and Prepare for their First Job

An important transition that will have your teenager feel like part of the adult world is their first job. It allows your daughter/son independence, teaches them about responsibilities and money management and is a really good idea so long as they have the time to continue focusing on their studies and social life. Working through your teens also provides you with valuable work experience which can be invaluable for future job searches e.g. to help them through university and beyond.… Continue Reading “Helping Your Teenager Find and Prepare for their First Job”

Kids and Summer Day Camp: What Parents Need to Know

Cub Camp

As summer approaches and kids will be on school vacation, parents wonder what to do to keep them active and safe. There are a few options, depending on the age of the kids. You can hire a babysitter or put your kids in daycare. Perhaps you can send them to their grandparents for a week or two. There is a perfect solution for your dilemma, and it’s summer day camp. Benefits Of Summer Day Camp While at camp, your kids… Continue Reading “Kids and Summer Day Camp: What Parents Need to Know”

10 Of The Best Back To School Deals


It’s that time of year again! The school holidays are finally winding down, the remnants of summer are fading away, and parents up and down the country are scouring shopping centres in the hope of finding a few ‘back to school’ deals. Luckily for you, you’ll be able to avoid any frantic last minute shopping this year, because I’ve been searching for all of the best deals on your behalf, and you can find them listed here. Up To 15%… Continue Reading “10 Of The Best Back To School Deals”

How to Use Stationery as an Educational Aid


Teachers have many tricks and tips up their sleeves when it comes to teaching their pupils, but one thing that’s often overlooked is the educational value of the stationery drawer. Whether it’s a sheet of coloured paper, a ruler or a set of colouring pencils, you’d be surprised just how useful stationery is! So, if you want to use it as an educational aid, here are just a few ideas… You could use coloured pens for… …capturing attention Coloured pens… Continue Reading “How to Use Stationery as an Educational Aid”

Helping your child to find the perfect career!

Transitioning from study to adulthood is a tough phase for all children. Expect them to look to you for advice as their experienced role model, so you better be prepared when you do have to offer advice. In a recent survey greater than 50% of parents maintained that they were not fully aware of the options available to young adults turning 18. In this infographic DeluxeMaid offer some tips on helping your children navigate the tricky choices ahead. ᐧ