3 Top Time-Saving Tips for Busy Parents

School run

It’s never been a busier time for parents of young children, especially with the demands of modern family living piling up around school, work, and family time. It can sometimes feel as though you barely have time to breathe between all the school runs, feeding and cooking tasks, extracurricular activities, school holiday cover, and never-ending trips to the doctors or friend’s birthday parties. It’s no wonder parents get so frazzled and run out of precious time, with five minutes of… Continue Reading “3 Top Time-Saving Tips for Busy Parents”

Helping Your Child with their Home Learning

Nursery School

Children who continue their learning outside of the classroom are more likely to perform well in school. So what can parents do to support their child’s learning at home? Parents can help to support their child’s home learning in a number of different ways. The best place to start is to have an active engagement with your child’s school life. The more supported a child feels at home, the more effectively he or she will perform at school. Here are… Continue Reading “Helping Your Child with their Home Learning”

Helping Your Child with Exam Stress


Exams are undeniably stressful, no matter how old you are or how well you normally perform. With that in mind, it’s important for parents to spot signs of stress in their youngsters during exam period and try their best to help ease the pressure. Children deal with anxiety in different ways so you should offer a shoulder to cry on and a helping hand if you can. If you’re unsure how you can help, here’s some advice from an independent… Continue Reading “Helping Your Child with Exam Stress”

A guide to DIY laser engraving

Laser Engraving

Laser engraving your next big project is an exciting proposition. There are definitely some parts of the process that you can take on your own. Here is a short guide on DIY laser engraving if you want to experiment or learn how to make professional looking designs without outsourcing to anyone else for certain things. Getting the Right Machine Power is the most important aspect of your laser engraver. What surfaces will you be engraving on, and how much power… Continue Reading “A guide to DIY laser engraving”

“Thank You Teacher” Gift Guide

Sanctuary Gift Range

We are very quickly heading towards the end of term and are preparing for sports day, various school shows and finding out who our new teachers are going to be in the new year. 2019 is also a milestone year for us as Isaac is leaving primary school and heading off to secondary school in September. School hasn’t always been easy for Isaac, but this year he has turned a real corner in both his behaviour and his learning, thanks… Continue Reading ““Thank You Teacher” Gift Guide”