How CBD Products Helps Moms Deal with Anxiety and Stress


Moms can be stressed out by many things in life. Apart from taking a bigger role in bringing up the kids, they also have to think about the home chores. Stay-at-home moms go to the market while juggling their career, work, business, or any other responsibilities that surround them. All of these things can take a toll on them, leading to stress. In other instances, moms are more prone to anxiety in various stages of their lives like pregnancy, child-rearing,… Continue Reading “How CBD Products Helps Moms Deal with Anxiety and Stress”

Are you really ready for labour? Add these points to your checklist now!


Whether you’ve just found out that you’re expecting, or the birth of your child is imminent, there’s nothing wrong with planning your little one’s arrival and looking ahead to the future and what the labour room might hold. Of course, planning your labour can be incredibly daunting and your midwife will be able to go through the appropriate options with you and what kind of birth you should expect to have. But how do you plan for labour? Scented candles… Continue Reading “Are you really ready for labour? Add these points to your checklist now!”

Helpful tips for recovering from an Episiotomy

Lilah-5 (1)

When Abbey gave birth to Lilah, she turned to me and asked why I didn’t warn her that labour and birth would be like it was, but I don’t think that anyone or anything can prepare you for the experience. From the early days of pregnancy with sickness and nausea, then having irritated and stretched skin, to perineal swelling and bruising and cracked nipples after birth, motherhood can be tough, especially if you have had interventions too. One thing that… Continue Reading “Helpful tips for recovering from an Episiotomy”

Review: Nanit Baby Monitor


Back in October I headed to The Baby Show at Olympia with Abbey, where we got to see a whole plethora of pregnancy and baby products. One item that really stayed with both of us was the Nanit Baby Monitor. Unlike most baby monitors which are set up across the room from baby, the Nanit attaches to a stand and watches baby from above. There are three types of stand available, a free-standing one that can be moved, handy, one… Continue Reading “Review: Nanit Baby Monitor”

A very busy December and some big news!!


It is the end of December and it is safe to say it has been a very busy month for us as a family. I love the build up to Christmas, with the kids attending various events and this year is a bittersweet one for us as it is Sebby’s last year in KS1 and therefore his last Nativity. This year he starred (literally) as the Star of Bethlehem in their play: Lights, Camel, Action which saw the Nativity story… Continue Reading “A very busy December and some big news!!”