Thank a teacher this Christmas!

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Most of us has had at least one teacher that we really remember. One that has found a hidden talent, encouraged us on when all we wanted to do was give up or given us the inspiration to try something new. School hasn’t always been easy for Isaac and I lost count of the number of times I was called into the head teachers office or the classroom because of his poor behaviour. In Year 6 something changed. As with… Continue Reading “Thank a teacher this Christmas!”

The top 3 emergencies we all forget to plan for

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Life tends to enjoy throwing the odd hurdle in our way and has quite a habit of doing so at the worst possible time. Money is tight for many of us right now, with living costs seemingly rising by the day while wages plateau. That means most of us are living financially in the moment, so what happens when something unexpected comes along? With more young adults than ever having little to no savings whatsoever, emergencies can cause huge financial… Continue Reading “The top 3 emergencies we all forget to plan for”

Beloved characters that make Christmas magical


Halloween is not the only holiday that is rife with costumes and characters. Christmas also has its famous and dearly loved personalities borne from fiction and reality. These are the characters whose stories and presence herald the holiday season and invoke warm memories of childhood and innocence. They make up our Christmas stories, decorations and even strike poses on some of our Christmas gifts and cards. In a nutshell, they are distinct symbols of the holiday season, and everywhere they… Continue Reading “Beloved characters that make Christmas magical”

AD: The Christmas 2019 Gift Guide – Teenage Boy Edition

Buying Christmas seems to get more challenging as the kids get older. As babies and young children, you know exactly what they know and love. In our case, Bob the Builder, Thomas the Tank Engine and Fireman Sam featured fairly heavily on Christmas lists for a few years. Fast forward to their teenage years and it becomes a minefield, especially since the days of topping up their present list with DVD’s and CD’s is long gone. Nowadays, the teen wish… Continue Reading “AD: The Christmas 2019 Gift Guide – Teenage Boy Edition”

What families can do to join the fight against Superbugs

Disclaimer: This blog has been paid for by and created in partnership with Pfizer UK It is that time of year when the kids seem to pick up every cough and cold going – in fact, within the first couple of weeks of being back at school mine all went down with a cough and cold. Kids have a strong tendency to spread germs, especially at school as they touch surfaces and then touch their eyes, nose and mouths and although it… Continue Reading “What families can do to join the fight against Superbugs”