Top Tips for Helping Your Child With Maths


Children are on average more likely to take up a career that involves maths or science if they’re helped along the way by their parents. It may be a stressful subject for them at times, but it does help your child with a lot of other areas in their school career, such as studying science. In this guide from this English Summer School, we take a look at the top tips to help your child when they’re struggling with maths,… Continue Reading “Top Tips for Helping Your Child With Maths”

The Benefits of an International School for Children


When living abroad you may find it a bit more of a hassle to find the best school your child will fit in due to cultural barriers, language issues and so on. But the best way for your child to integrate into a new country is by taking them to an international school. These are catered to children of expat families and families that would like their children to learn about different cultures, languages and subjects. If you’re looking for… Continue Reading “The Benefits of an International School for Children”

Getting The Help You Need Following An Accident

Car Accident

If you have a family, then you will know that your main priority is to protect them. Although, sometimes this just isn’t possible. An accident, such as a car accident that was not your fault, can damage your family beyond repair. Or it can affect your life to the point that you are worried about losing your job and your home. Sometimes you may have been involved in an accident and don’t go to the hospital to get assessed. This… Continue Reading “Getting The Help You Need Following An Accident”

How to Keep Kids Entertained Without Technology


The NHSGGC reports that UK children aged 5 to 16 years spend 3 hours behind the screen daily, meaning that they spend 21 hours weekly. Indeed, technology is the future and may explain why several parents give their kids a head start by allowing them to spend hours behind the tablet, phone, or game console.  However, these gadgets keep children glued to the screen, inadvertently substituting parental supervision. Because this is an ongoing debate worldwide, you may read further for… Continue Reading “How to Keep Kids Entertained Without Technology”

Why you might need short-term car insurance

Peugeot 5008 Ireland

Short-term car insurance gives you temporary cover for driving a car. It can be a cheaper alternative to annual cover if you don’t need insurance for the full year. This temporary cover can last anything from one hour to several months, depending on what you need it for, so you’ll only pay for the insurance cover for the amount of time you need it. Why you might need short-term car insurance Short-term car insurance can be used for a variety of reasons: Borrowing someone else’s car You… Continue Reading “Why you might need short-term car insurance”