The added costs of being a single parent


Being a single parent can be both rewarding and difficult. In a world where all the family deals seem to be marketed at households with two adults and two children, single parenthood can be that bit harder.  Finding affordable days out can be a challenge, whether you are a small family with one child, or a larger family like ours. One of my biggest tips on finding fun and affordable days out is to invest in passes such as the National Trust and English Heritage.… Continue Reading “The added costs of being a single parent”

Keeping your independence at home for longer

Stairlift in use

Getting older is no fun, but sadly happens to us all, eventually. As our loved ones aged, they may have already downsized their family home once their kids fled the nest and the thought of making another move would be scary and often unnecessary option, as there are a few adjustments to the home that can make staying there easier. With the advance of technology, there many home improvements that can be made to make life easier, such as updating… Continue Reading “Keeping your independence at home for longer”

A guide to DIY laser engraving

Laser Engraving

Laser engraving your next big project is an exciting proposition. There are definitely some parts of the process that you can take on your own. Here is a short guide on DIY laser engraving if you want to experiment or learn how to make professional looking designs without outsourcing to anyone else for certain things. Getting the Right Machine Power is the most important aspect of your laser engraver. What surfaces will you be engraving on, and how much power… Continue Reading “A guide to DIY laser engraving”

Top tips to help new mums get a better quality of sleep


Pregnancy prepares you in some ways for the lack of sleep you’ll face when your baby finally makes an appearance. However, it is still a huge shock to the system. Continue reading for our top tips for how new mums can get a better quality of sleep. Take naps Although not recommended for other people who are struggling with sleep issues, new mums can really benefit from having naps whenever they can fit them in. If baby is asleep, ignore… Continue Reading “Top tips to help new mums get a better quality of sleep”

Taking the Stronger Bones Challenge with YAZOO KiDS


Did you know that childhood, adolescence and early adulthood up to the mid-20s, when the skeleton is growing, are the time for building strong bones? There are a two ways that we can ensure that our kids develop strong muscles and bones: Physical activity and eating a healthy, balanced diet. The Change4Life campaign gives families fun ideas to help kids stay active and healthy, with exercise challenges and advise on how to cut back on sugar by making a few simple… Continue Reading “Taking the Stronger Bones Challenge with YAZOO KiDS”