AD: Making everyday life easier with the MAM Easy Start Breast Milk Bottle


Welcoming a baby into the family is a life changing experience for everyone involved and it takes a while to get into the swing of a new routine. In the early days, us mums have a lot to deal with, from the pain of everything healing downstairs to our milk coming in, the baby blues to the sheer exhaustion of looking after a tiny human. One thing I was keen to do was to breastfeed, but it also left me… Continue Reading “AD: Making everyday life easier with the MAM Easy Start Breast Milk Bottle”

Creating the perfect children’s bedroom

Girls Bedroom

A child’s bedroom is not just a place for them to sleep. It is the one room in the house that can really reflect their personality and is their sanctuary from the challenges of outside world as they get older. When decorating their room it is tempting to go for a theme, however, from personal experience, their tastes and preferences change all too quickly and what was cool six months ago, may not be now. The main thing to think… Continue Reading “Creating the perfect children’s bedroom”

What are nearly new cars?


Nearly new cars give drivers the possibility of saving quite a bit of money when looking for a new vehicle – but what does ‘nearly new’ actually mean? Well, depending on the dealer, nearly new cars will have noticeably low mileage and such vehicles can be found with 5,000 miles as much as they can with just 10. Meanwhile, they will usually be no more than 12 months old from new. You may also run into other names that effectively… Continue Reading “What are nearly new cars?”

10 Goals for 2020

Family Photo

For the last few years, instead of New Years Resolutions I have given myself goals for the year. It worked really well last year, although I didn’t go back and check them during the year, writing them down seemed to work and I achieved a 70% of them and made inroads into some that I didn’t quite do. 10 Goals for 2020 Start saying “No” and delegate more I do a lot of volunteer work. I run the school PFA,… Continue Reading “10 Goals for 2020”

Did I achieve my 19 Goals for 2019?

Mount Snowdon

Back at the beginning of January last year I set myself a challenge of 19 goals for 2019. My aim was to check back on them and do a monthly update, but life got in the way and it was only when writing my yearly round-up that I fell back across it. The question is, did any of my goals stick in my head enough to achieve them? Do more walking Ironically, we have just watched Julia Bradbury’s Britain’s 100 Favourite Walks… Continue Reading “Did I achieve my 19 Goals for 2019?”