The Three Car Seat Challenge!

Car Seats

A couple of years ago the lovely Mummy Barrow used to run a linky called Ranty Friday, where she encouraged bloggers to get on their soapbox and shout about the issues that rile them. Well, it’s Friday and in honour of Ranty Friday, I am bringing it back for one week only and it is aimed at car manufacturers and designers. Dear Car Designer / Manufacturer As a blogger I often get to road test new cars and being a… Continue Reading “The Three Car Seat Challenge!”

Celebrating Anniversaries

the happy couple

One of my friend posted a lovely facebook post this week, celebrating her and her partner being together 17 years. They can’t remember the exact date they met, but knew it was June sometime so just picked a day convenient to them to celebrate with their family. It did get me thinking though, I have been married to my husband for 13 years next month, which apparently equates to a gift of lace. We celebrate the date we got married… Continue Reading “Celebrating Anniversaries”

Eat like a pro with Beko


Eat Like a Pro is a global campaign to encourage families to eat healthier. Every year, stats show that children are eating worse – less fresh vegetables, less fruit and fish, and more fat and sugar and I have been concerned about what my children have been eating for some time. Working part time, with the kids doing after-school clubs every evening after school, I find it tricky to ensure they get a healthy, balanced diet and trying to get the… Continue Reading “Eat like a pro with Beko”

5 Tips to Preserve Family Memories

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One of the remarkable things about having children is that it sparks a need to preserve family memories. Maybe you’re lucky enough to have a well-preserved family Bible or an ancestor who wrote lots of letters. These vital resources are wonderful to pass down for generations, but can only be in possession of one family member at a time. If you’ve ever wondered how your grandparents survived the summer heat with no air conditioning or wanted to know more about… Continue Reading “5 Tips to Preserve Family Memories”

How to choose the right pram for you!!

Britax Bob

Having a baby is one of the most exciting (and scary) times of your life and can also be an expensive hobby. All around you people are offering their advice, companies are selling how important their products will be to you and some with price tags to make your eyes water. One of the most expensive purchases you will make is the pram / pushchair. I have to admit that I was a bit of a pram and pushchair addict… Continue Reading “How to choose the right pram for you!!”