The all new Bournemouth #Pierzip at Rockreef Review

We are huge fans of Rockreef and have visited a few times since it first opened back in June.  On our first visit Isaac could barely get to the halfway point on the climbing walls then, but can now be found scaling the highest walls proudly hitting the buzzers at the top. Kian also enjoyed his birthday at Rockreef and got to try out the High Line which he charged around with his friend doing 4 laps of the challenge.  He also attempted the vertical slide and the leap of faith which isn’t for the faint hearted! The one thing …

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Hot Wheels Daytona Track Day

Team Hot Wheels® Experience at Daytona Track

To celebrate the DVD release of Team Hot Wheels®: The Origin of Awesome, Universal Pictures (UK) and Daytona Karting teamed up to offer children a FREE Hot Wheels® track day adventure at Daytona karting courses across the UK this summer and we were invited to one of their sessions last week. We set off bright an early as our session was to begin at 9.15 and found the Daytona Track at Sandown with no issues.  Isaac was booked in to do a Bambino course whilst Kian was to do the Junior. Once the boys had changed into their snazzy uniforms, …

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Rockreef – Indoor Climbing Fun!

When I heard that they were getting rid of the Pier Theatre in Bournemouth Pier, Dorset, I was a little surprised, although if I am honest we had only been there a couple of times to see Chris and Pui and it was showing signs of age. In its place is the all new Rockreef which will appeal to children age 5 and up through to adults with indoor climbing walls, a highline, pier cave and the pier Zip. The building on the pier may still look like the old theatre from the outside but it has changed on the inside……..and for …

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Thorpe Park

A Thorpe Park VIP Experience

When planning for birthdays I much prefer to give the kids memorable experiences rather than something that they will ultimately forget about in a few months time. Abbey turned 21 on Friday and Callan is due to turn 17 in a couple of weeks so I wanted something that would appeal to them both. We are Merlin pass holders which means that we get free entry into all the Merlin owned theme parks such as Alton Towers, Legoland, Chessington and Thorpe Park and my teens adrenalin junkies.  We looked into Alton Towers first, however the distance and cost of staying …

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P1 Superstock

Ever bounced down the stairs in a car with no suspension?

Have you ever bounced down the stairs in a car with no suspension? Nope, me either! However I have come close to the feeling (apparently). This is how the announcer at the P1 Super Stock Grand Prix announcer described the feeling of travelling in a Power Boat at speed. Last week I won the chance to go out in an actual racing Power Boat driven by the its racing driver Arran Scott.  I was excited and terrified all at the same time. We arrived at Salterns Marina at 12.30 last Friday and signed our lives away the health & safety forms …

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