#Win a pair of Treads School Shoes

Montana Brogues

School shoes! Shopping for them fills me with dread in the school holidays, especially as the kids are getting older and are more vocal with their likes and dislikes. They are however, one thing I will invest in as the kids spend most of the week wearing them, but my stipulations are that they must be hard wearing, look good and most importantly, comfort is a must for. Treads shoes, for kids aged 6-16, have been designed to solve the problem… Continue Reading “#Win a pair of Treads School Shoes”

Posh Paws Planet Earth Plush Review and Giveaway

Planet Earth

Teaching the kids about the world we live in is crucial for preserving our planet and the creatures that live on it. Not only is it rewarding to see children growing up to respect the environment, but engaging them with the wonders of the natural world can not only give them many health benefits but can also inspire them into STEM careers when they are older. One of our favourite ways of learning about the natural world is by watching… Continue Reading “Posh Paws Planet Earth Plush Review and Giveaway”

Choosing the right skincare for kids

Bioskin Junior

Did you know that a child’s skin is 30% thinner than adult skin, making it much more sensitive and susceptible to irritation. Choosing the right skincare for your little one is vital and you should choose skincare that strengthens the skin as it grows with your child. Skin imbalances, like dry and itchy skin, are significantly on the rise, with chemicals in skincare being a potentially significant contributor. Other factors that might contribute to your child’s sensitive skin are diet,… Continue Reading “Choosing the right skincare for kids”

Celebrating National Picnic Week with John Adams

Pooh Sticks

This week is National Picnic Week, which runs from 21st – 30th June 2019, with an aim to encourage people to take the ideal opportunity to get together over a picnic. I have fond memories of going for a “picker nicker” with my Great Aunt and Uncle in the New Forest as a child and have passed that love onto my own children, as they love nothing more than setting up a picnic blanket at the beach or in the… Continue Reading “Celebrating National Picnic Week with John Adams”

Celebrating World Incontinence Week with Pelviva

Pelviva Women

This week (17th – 23rd June 2019) is World Incontinence Week. Did you know that 1 in 3 women experience bladder leaks when they cough, sneeze, exercise or urgently need the toilet? Go into any trampoline park in the UK and you are guaranteed to hear talk of pelvic floors among the mothers standing at the sidelines, watching their kids leap, spring and bounce….The P Word! Bladder leakage has a massive impact on women’s daily lives, significantly affecting quality of… Continue Reading “Celebrating World Incontinence Week with Pelviva”