Set up a craft business to make your hobby pay


The last year has been particularly challenging, with more people spending time at home than ever before. If you have been inspired to take up craft projects during lockdown, and been busy creating personalised gifts for family and friends, setting up a craft business can be a great way to make your hobby pay – whether as a side project or a potential full-time business. Craft and ‘artisanal’ goods are popular, both in the UK and abroad, but competition can… Continue Reading “Set up a craft business to make your hobby pay”

Gift ideas for your social media addict


Mother’s Day is just a couple of weeks away and finding the perfect gift can be tricky. If your mum / partner loves social media or photography their are two fabulous options from Joby that would make the ideal gift. JOBY® StandPoint We all want a phone case that protects our smartphone and the StandPoint case does, but it also has a unique feature: it comes with its own built-in built-in aluminium tripod legs.  I have had my trusty Joby tripod’s for… Continue Reading “Gift ideas for your social media addict”

Tips To Make Your Photography Better As A Blogger


As a blogger, there’s a lot of things that you do when running your blog. Whether you do it as a hobby or as a business, there can be a lot of pressure to have a talent at everything that you do to make your blog popular. From writing the content to promoting, editing photos, and taking them, it’s a lot of work behind the scenes. But what if you’re not that great with photography? Well just like any skill,… Continue Reading “Tips To Make Your Photography Better As A Blogger”

Five Essentials for New Influencers

Working from home

Has quarantine taken a toll on you lately? Are you bored to the extent that you have probably tried doing all household chores with nothing left anymore to clean? Have you reread all your books and binged on all your favorite TV series and movies? True enough, quarantine has made us do all means just to keep us from getting bored. But at this time, we should actually become more productive and try out something new, so that the time… Continue Reading “Five Essentials for New Influencers”

The Absolute Best Security Practices for Social Media


Is your social media information safe from hackers? Here are the best security practices for social media that you should start doing today. Hackers accessed over 7.9 billion consumer records in the year 2019. Hackers force their way into accounts so they can gain personal information. Social security numbers, social media passwords, and bank information are some of the most common things hackers look for. This information enables hackers to make purchases or forward invasive links to other victims. So, how can you… Continue Reading “The Absolute Best Security Practices for Social Media”