Tips To Make Your Photography Better As A Blogger


As a blogger, there’s a lot of things that you do when running your blog. Whether you do it as a hobby or as a business, there can be a lot of pressure to have a talent at everything that you do to make your blog popular. From writing the content to promoting, editing photos, and taking them, it’s a lot of work behind the scenes. But what if you’re not that great with photography? Well just like any skill,… Continue Reading “Tips To Make Your Photography Better As A Blogger”

Five Essentials for New Influencers

Working from home

Has quarantine taken a toll on you lately? Are you bored to the extent that you have probably tried doing all household chores with nothing left anymore to clean? Have you reread all your books and binged on all your favorite TV series and movies? True enough, quarantine has made us do all means just to keep us from getting bored. But at this time, we should actually become more productive and try out something new, so that the time… Continue Reading “Five Essentials for New Influencers”

The Absolute Best Security Practices for Social Media


Is your social media information safe from hackers? Here are the best security practices for social media that you should start doing today. Hackers accessed over 7.9 billion consumer records in the year 2019. Hackers force their way into accounts so they can gain personal information. Social security numbers, social media passwords, and bank information are some of the most common things hackers look for. This information enables hackers to make purchases or forward invasive links to other victims. So, how can you… Continue Reading “The Absolute Best Security Practices for Social Media”

5 ways to make money from home

Money saving

When you become a parent, money becomes more of a worry. For the mother, even more so as you have to think about what you are going to do after your maternity leave ends. Of course, not all women choose to take the full maternity leave, but for some it is the only option. The costs of child care are only going up and a lot of the time, it is better financially for the mother to stay at home.… Continue Reading “5 ways to make money from home”

The Big Thing-to-do: How To Finally Get Organised


It’s not an understatement to say that we are constantly busy as a parent. But what happens when we are so busy that everything can fall apart at any given moment? We spend so long trying to keep everything together for the sake of the family that we can struggle under the weight of it. The key is obviously organisation, but actually implementing a proper approach to organisation is another thing entirely. What does it really take to get organised… Continue Reading “The Big Thing-to-do: How To Finally Get Organised”