Can you identify the Children’s Celebrity Drawings?

Eliza loves to draw!

As a toddler she was never really interested in pens and paper but fast forward to her Reception years and she brings home a book bag full of her artwork on a daily basis.

Her favourite things to draw are butterflies and rainbows and I can see a real improvement in her drawings in just a few months – I can actually work out what she has drawn and written now.

Eliza Drawing

Isaac is also keen on art and often draws cartoon strips of his favourite Superheroes or draws pictures of the family. I am not sure he loves his sisters after this picture, but then they do have a habit of winding him up!

Have you ever asked your child to draw a famous person?  Or have they done some celebrity drawings of their own? This is exactly what SunLife have been asking children to do and we have teamed up with them to draw our very own celebrity.

Over at SunLife they enlisted the help of creative nursery school children and they have asked them to draw a number of different celebrities.  The results are sometimes funny, sometimes surprising and always very sweet.  You can put yourself to the test in their quiz to see if you can identify the celebrities pictured.  I’ve taken the quiz myself and scored a respectable 6 out of 9. Can you do better than me?

Go on, I dare you to have a try.

One thought on “Can you identify the Children’s Celebrity Drawings?

  1. Kizzy says:

    Will pop over and have a look. My three can draw a lot better than I can!
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