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Clean 9 Fit Forever Living

Sebby started pre-school every morning back in September which put a stop to our fun days out during the week.

This has had the knock-on effect of me leading a more sedentary life as I am bound by three school runs a day and I noticed my weight slowly creeping up.

Over Christmas I started notice even my most forgiving jeans were getting uncomfortably tight and when I finally braved stepping on the scales I wanted to cry – I was the heaviest I have ever been.

I had been ignoring the weight creeping on until then, promising myself I would start a diet next week, only next week never came, but the scales telling me I had almost reached 12 stone was enough to give me a metaphorical slap and tell me that I needed to do something and now!

My friend has been trying to persuade me to do the C9 FIT Forever Living plan for the last six months but I wasn’t ready, however, feeling tired, sluggish and generally “meh” after Christmas, I needed something to kick-start a healthier me.

I was sent the C9 FIT box and inside I found my choice of vanilla shakes (you can also have chocolate), Forever Aloe Vera Gel, Forever Therm supplements, Forever Garcinia Plus supplement, Forever Fibre and a booklet to guide you through the programme.

During the program you take the supplements and Aloe Vera Gel at regular intervals, have protein shakes as your main food and drink nothing but water. On days three to nine you are allowed a 500 to 600 calorie meal in the evenings.

C9 Fit Forever Living

I am not going to lie – the first day was awful!

I am not very good at taking tablets and the Forever Living ones are huge! It also didn’t help that I was feeling ill from a UTI and I gagged whilst trying to take my first tablets. Thankfully my friend Joy, who is a Forever Living rep, was at the end of the phone to offer me support and advice which got me through the first day.

As the week progressed I found it easier and easier, although I did suffer with a break out in spots on day 3 as my body was cleansing itself of toxins and pollution (a common side effect). On days where I worked (in a pre-school) I did find it more difficult to drink the recommended amount of water as I was on the go constantly, but keeping a diary of the food I was eating and exercise I was getting motivated me to keep going.

Exercise wise, I have increased my walking, choosing to take the long route home from school every morning and walking to the shops instead of jumping in the car. Isaac has started swimming 4 times a week in a pool attached to a gym and once he settles (he is still a bit nervous of the new routine), I want to join the gym and do an exercise class whilst he has his lessons. I have increased my goal settings on my apple watch too and although I don’t hit them everyday, it has given me the kick to keep going.

I have a love / hate relationship with my scales and often weigh myself on a daily basis, but purposely didn’t go near them as I was advised that fluctuations in weight are normal as the body adjusts throughout the various stages of the plan and extra weigh- ins may reveal slight gains mid-week.  Although this is perfectly normal I knew it would be damaging to my confidence and willpower, until curiosity got the better of me on day six that is.

The Results:

I am delighted with my progress so far. I feel more energised, my jeans are once again comfortable and I lost an incredible 7½lbs and 12″ from my body, with the most noticeable results around my middle, which is where I tend to carry my weight.

Forever Living

Doing the program has definitely given me the kick to carry on and I have re-started my MUTU exercises to help me get my ‘mum tum’ back into shape and listening to my slimpod again after digging it out of the iTunes library and popping it back on my phone, plus I am still taking a Forever Therm supplement and drinking the recommended 2 litres of water every day, plus picking healthy snacks if I am peckish rather than reaching for chocolate.

I still have a stone to lose and have a target of the end of March to reach my goal, but I am determined to get there.

Disclosure: I’m working with Forever Living and BritMums in a paid relationship, showcasing the C9 Programme, kick-starting my eating and fitness goals. Find out more here.


26 thoughts on “C9 FIT Forever Living Review #ForeverBringIt #Ad

  1. Jen Walshaw says:

    You can see the results in the images at the end. I am not sure that I could cope just on shakes though. Not that it is a choice for me as my consultant said not to any weight loss plan at the moment
    Jen Walshaw recently posted…How to Make Rainbow Milk Marbled Paper ArtMy Profile

  2. Matthew U says:

    Well done Kara, Very impressive result. My Sisters would love this product. Thanks for sharing:)

  3. Great job! My mummy is twelve stone and hates her shape so would love to try this! An impressive start!
    Baby Isabella recently posted…We’re glowing with Glimmies!My Profile

  4. Sav Chin says:

    Well done with the results keep up the good work! I think my biggest struggle with keeping fit is diet.

  5. Mari says:

    Well done you for completing the course, it sounds like it was a bit tricky in places. The capsules are big, it’s true.
    Best of luck with your onward journey and I hope you reach your goal soon

  6. As everyone else has said, Well done! It can take willpower to really stick with something but you’ve done it. It’s so important to have support to help us through the tough bits! x
    Jennifer Howze recently posted…Review: Jumping in the trees with Windermere Treetop NetsMy Profile

  7. HelpfulMum says:

    Congratulations with some fantastic results and i wish you all the best for achieving your goals by the end of March.

  8. Well done you – you can definitely see the results and the inch loss is fab!
    Cass@frugalfamily recently posted…Is being a stay at home Mum really harder than being a working Mum?My Profile

  9. Well done Kara. I am walking more too. Love it.

  10. Kerry Norris says:

    Well done. Sounds like it worked well for you. X
    Kerry Norris recently posted…Mummy Don’t Cry – How PND is affecting my childMy Profile

  11. Mary Louise says:

    Fantastic effort and you are looing fab – enjoying following your journey and seeing great results.
    Keep going hot Mumma! x
    Mary Louise recently posted…Using Flowers For Kids CraftsMy Profile

  12. Oh wow, you are doing great Kara 🙂 I’ve not been to the gym for about 6 months and weight myself when I joined back up again. Not happy as I have put a stone on 🙁
    clairejustine recently posted…Staring Competition But He Always Wins: Wednesday Blog Hop…My Profile

  13. Natalia says:

    I love these products! I actually interviewed in a blog an entrepreneur lady who sells them and they are really successful x
    Natalia recently posted…5 Gifts Ideas for Him on a Budget!My Profile

  14. My friend went on this program and she lost so much weight. It must have been so hard to change up your diet like that!
    Ana De- Jesus recently posted…How To Deal With RejectionMy Profile

  15. Jo Laybourn says:

    Awe, you can see the results and look fab Kara! I was going to apply to do this but decided not too! Doh! I’ve done it before and would do again but find the Aloe Vera drink disgusting! Lol! I lost about 6lbs on it and lots of inches too. It definately helped me to lose all that weight. Well done you.

  16. Well done that is brilliant weight loss. I have heard great things about FL products and sometimes you just need that boost to get started. x

  17. Moderate Mum says:

    That’s amazing! I did try Forever Living once but I forgot to take it, you’ve inspired me to try again

  18. Lilinha says:

    Fantastic results, well done Kara for following the programme! I’m sure you will reach your goal in no time! 🙂
    Lilinha recently posted…Kids Fashion: Nutmeg AW16 CollectionMy Profile

  19. Well done I’m glad it’s working for you. I have a few friends that have done this before and they’ve been really pleased with the result too.
    Lisa Backsnbumps recently posted…Garage ConversionMy Profile

  20. Jo says:

    Good for you! I have a friend who has used the Forever products and got great results!
    Jo recently posted…The Ultimate Guide To MacrosMy Profile

  21. Sharon Parry says:

    Good for you! I hope you achieve your goals and have a healthy 2017.

  22. Good for you Kara, you can definitely see the weight loss on you. It’s so hard to find the time as a busy Mum but with a little will power anything is possible!
    five little doves recently posted…A letter to myself on my 17th birthdayMy Profile

  23. Grant R says:

    Good work! I, too, found that I weight the most I have ever done in my life this month. It’s difficult, but quite a kick up the bum too. Good luck with this!
    Grant R recently posted…Why Bloggers Shouldn’t Join ChartsMy Profile

  24. Talya says:

    Well done! Sounds like you are doing great guns now keep it up and look forward to hearing how it all pans out.
    Talya recently posted…10 reasons why mums drink wineMy Profile

  25. Sabina green says:

    Well done Kara, that’s great and you can definitely see a difference around your middle. I am miserable with my weight at the moment but am struggling massively to get myself back into healthy eating and exercise. I found Christmas left me craving chocolate, cake and biscuits. We have managed to do dry January without any problems but it hasn’t made a single bit of difference to my weight. I have now reached the stage where my skin is actually sore because I feel like it is stretching 🙁 I have heard great things about C9 so i’m watching your journey with great interest xx
    Sabina green recently posted…Spurgeons Gift Tree at Queensgate received record donationsMy Profile

  26. Wow Kara, that is brilliant! Well done on your weight loss and the inches you have lost! It’s really useful that you had a good friend who knew the system and was able to help you when you needed it, and that you have now started to do other things you help yourself achieve your goals.

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