My First Car Story

The other day Callan mentioned he was starting to save up for his first car which got us chatting about my first car and he was surprised that I had one so cool.  He does have delusions of something grand and super fast and I hate to dampen his spirits but I really don’t think that he will be getting an Aston Martin or a Lamborghini any time soon.

I learned to drive in my Mums dark blue Morris Minor and was driving that around for the first six months of driving.  My boyfriend at the time had a pale blue Morris Minor so you could see us coming a mile off.

It did get to the stage that my mum wanted her car back as I had taken almost permanent possession, so it was time to hunt for my perfect car.

As a child I had been a huge fan of the Herbie films and had always dreamed of owning my own VW Beetle.  Now I did originally want a white one but I ended up with a gold 1303S which had a 1600 engine so was very nippy.

I adored my car so much that I even polished the chrome bumpers once a week without fail. It was a very social car as everyone used to wave when I drove past or try or get a lift.  I got to take part in VW rally’s which are really amazing events to attend with some very funky looking participants.  My sound system was nothing compared to theirs!

I was devastated when I couldn’t afford to keep maintaining her and often wonder where she is now.  I even remember her number plate!

Maybe once the kids are grown up and have left home, I might be able to own a Beetle again, but for now I have to start thinking about Callan’s first car.

He will hate me for this, but I am afraid his first car will be one with a small engine.  His sister Abbey had a 1L Citroen Saxo which she made to look quicker than it was with Alloy Wheels and a lower suspension.  I think this would be a perfect start for Callan too, plus it was economic on petrol too.

I have no issues with maintaining his car as his Dad is a mechanic and will teach him how to do it himself as that is the career he wants to pursue   It does worry me that he will supe it up though once he knows how, but he will never be able to get insured if he does.

I’ll be in charge of the accessories that should be kept in the car as a safety precaution such as a First Aid Kit, De-Icer etc –  I can manage that!

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What was your first car – was it special to you?


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