Buying A Car When You Feel You Can’t Afford It


If you really need a new car, for the kids, then you are going to have to find some way to make it happen. Having a bigger car is not just more practical but in the long run it will be more cost effective to use a better car and safer also. Perhaps you have been looking at an SUV, a big sturdy car that will fit your three kids in. That’s great, but there are plenty of things to consider in terms of funding this reality. 

First things first, do you have enough cash to make this a reality? You will also need to remember your insurance costs (which often run 5% to 8% of the purchase price), as well as upfront registration fees, deposits, tax, and finance charges if you are not buying outright. If you’re buying new, your warranty should cover most big repairs, but this will not last forever. After three years or so, you will have to look at your own cover but you have to remember that no car is ever covered for minor maintenance, such as oil changes, a new battery, or new tires or windscreen wipers. With many used cars, you won’t have a warranty at all, so giving the car a once over first is going to be important to you to make sure that the car is kosher.  You can look at using certain apps to help you budget all your costs.

If you really want a car quickly, you could get a car on finance. This is such a common and preferred option many times and it is easy to set up. You must always consider safety when looking at a car. You can check safety records online which will help you research different models as well as looking at which models are most and least frequently stolen. These will certainly affect insurance costs. This also applies when you are buying a second hand car too.

Vauxhall Crossland X

Over the months you will start to get a better grip of your costs as well as being able to plan differently and see what could be changed. You may even try to make relatively small changes to your spending habits which can help you massively in your saving plans. Tracking your expenses as well as your fuel consumption will be important, especially if you are often driving on longer journeys. You can soon progress toward your goal of buying a car, it doesn’t have to be a big deal but it does take a bit of methodical thinking and being able to work out what options are best. You must also think about your long term costs of yearly renewals and if you can get them cheaper anywhere else. If your monthly costs are too much then you need to cut back on certain areas, and maybe downgrading your car, which will bring all costs down significantly. Larger cars take more fuel and cost more in insurance, therefore they are not always very cost-effective.

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