What do you buy Dad for Fathers Day? #DadsDayDeals

Fathers Day

Unless you have been living under a rock, you will know that it is Father’s Day this Sunday (18th June).

I have to admit that I am normally super organised when it comes to occasions but with 5 birthday’s to contend with in the month of June, Father’s Day normally takes a back seat. In fact this year Sebby has his birthday party on Father’s Day (sorry Hubby).

In our family presents normally involve an activity rather than a physical present, although the kids do like to wrap up a present to give to Dad……..only so they can help him unwrap it again!!

So how do you make your dad’s day with a truly amazing gift this Father’s Day?

I have put together a list based on Dad’s personality to help you make your choice.

Adventure Dad

The Dad who thinks nothing of hurling himself off a crane with a bungee cord attached to his ankles or careering down the rapids in a little dingy, it has to be a gift that will get the adrenalin pumping so what about an experience day? Don’t forget to check out the My Voucher codes website for some cheeky discount too.

Stylish Dad

The Dad that dresses to the nines just to put the bins out. He wouldn’t be seen dead in a pair of tracksuit bottoms, is always well groomed and admires his reflection in the nearest window. You won’t go far wrong with a bottle of aftershave or mens skincare products.

Tech Mad Dad

The Dad that knows his way around any smart phone, has every games console known to man and always has an “app for that”. Why not get him a subscription to a gadget magazine so he can keep up to date with the latest trends, or perhaps there is a game he wants that has just come out.

Sports Mad Dad

This dad spends every free moment he gets watching, playing and talking about sport. There are some fab places that sell sports memorabilia or you could book him in to do a stadium tour and see where his heroes spend their weekends.

Foodie Dad

This gent loves good food and drink and can cook up a storm in the kitchen, or perhaps he is just King of the Barbecue. You could invest in the ultimate BBQ Tool set or maybe a personalised apron so he really looks the part.

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