Britain’s Favourite Diets

With the apparent rise and rise of “culinary UK”, our lust for exotic dishes that extend beyond “fish and chips” is apparently only matched of late by our burgeoning waistlines.  It appears that “diet UK Ltd” is in full swing with British consumers spending upwards of £1Billion a year in the quest to get washboard abs and, summer beach bodies.  But while most of us have a few pounds to shed here and there, for some – the battle to keep off unwanted weight doesn’t always fair particularly well.

If you find yourself on the other side of “healthy BMI”, we’ve broken down 3 of the most popular weight loss methods, currently taking the United Kingdom by storm.  Always remember to consult with your GP before starting a new diet and check for allergies as well.


“Intermittent fasting” is all about the glossy pages of top magazines and a favourite of fitness trainers all across these British Isles.  It involves eating out of a specified period of hours a day, and then not eating at all for the remaining hours.  It doesn’t speak to what you can eat, but rather when you can.  So if you’re on the easier side of the diet, you’ll be doing the 8:16 version which has you eating for 8 hours, and then fasting for 16.  If you’re an experienced hat, you’ll do 4:20.  Eat for 4, fast for 20.  It works by allowing your body to stabilise insulin production, control digestion and spend more time digesting food as opposed to digesting and then storing food.  Always consult your GP before commencing any new diet, but definitely with this one.


At first glance, this seems a bit of an oxymoron but the idea is that you eat fat to burn fat.  So traditional low-fat diet products, full of sugar-spiking refined sugars are way out, but healthy fats such as olive oil and avocados are way in.  This along with a regular, high-intensity workout routine is said to improve muscle gain and improve brain function while obliterating visceral fat.


This diet has gained massive traction here and abroad.  It encourages traditional Mediterranean diets that focus on locally and seasonally produced foods which are typical “nutrient-dense”.  This does not mean endless amounts of Pizza and Pasta mind you, rather loads of fresh vegetables, lean proteins and fish, seafood, eggs and fats – the good kind.  As the name suggests, it draws its inspiration from those long and lithe bodies that pepper the Mediterranean coast every summer.

For some of us, the battle of the bulge does not always mean shedding a few extra cuddly bits here and there but rather takes on a far more serious tone.  The health survey for England suggests that 28% of Brits are clinically obese and we’re catching up with our American cousins across the pond at faster rates every year.  This also means that many of us are resorting to desperate measures to get back to being healthy.  This has seen a spike in the number of patients opting to go for “gastric band” treatment.  While costs in Britain could be quite pricey but you can find out about gastric band abroad programs on this site, which can be far more affordable.

Whatever option you find works for you, we hope that you pursue it safely and with the right motivation, and if you find your mental health taking a hit, you can also find some help, here.

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