Brio Police Station Review

Wooden train sets are a beloved toy of many young children and Sebby still loves to build huge sets with his brother and sister across the lounge.

We have lots of accessories including a bus station, emergency set, transport helicopter and now have a new police station to add to the collection.

Compatible with most makes of wooden train track, the new Brio Police Station lets you can drive directly into the station as a police officer and take the elevator to the prison cell on the second floor.

Brio Police Station

Put the thief in the cell and lock the grill gate. Then take the police van, turn on the sirens and lights, and drive as fast as you can to your next task.

Made from sturdy plastic and with two figures and a police car with lights and sounds, this is the perfect gift for any wooden train set lover and is great for imaginative play!!

Available from all good toy shops, this Brio Police Station has an RRP of £29.99

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  1. This looks like a great toy for Christmas and it really could be used to start a few conversations at home around safety and consequences as well!


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