Brightening up the school run with Smiggle

Smiggle Lunch Bag

I have been a fam of Smiggle since they first launched in the UK back in 2014.

Smiggle (the cross between a smile and a giggle) are the ultimate creators of colourful, fun, fashion forward stationery which is perfect for adding a bit of colour to the school run.

They are also stockists of the ever popular Squishies that seem to be all the rage in the classroom at the moment. If you hurry they are currently on offer at 2 for £10, so it is the perfect time to stock up for Christmas!!



I have to say that although more pricey than those you buy in the supermarket, Smiggle lunchboxes are a great investment.

Eliza has the Dreamy Double Compartment Lunch Box which offers her more than enough room to transport her lunch, a snack and her drink to school as it has two separate compartments to use, plus the lining is BPA free and food grade safe.

Smiggle Lunch Bag

Of course, she loves the sequin top that can be brushed two ways, for a different look and the carry strap, so she doesn’t have to squeeze it into her bulging school bag.

Back Packs

Style wise, the back packs don’t disappoint either and there is something to suit all ages, as they come in all shapes, sizes and colours.

Smiggle Backpack

Sebby’s and Eliza’s backpacks have four zipped pockets each with plenty of room for everything they need for school, including their P.E kit, books snack and lunch box. Because they have lots of zips, it also means they can add all their beloved keyrings to the bags to personalise it too.



Smiggle is the perfect location to stock up on stocking fillers, with colourful stationery, toys and watches to choose from.

One thing on my wishlist for the kids is the Smiggle Advent Calendar with 25 days of limited edition Smiggle stationery surprises worth up to £40 and find 1 of 25 lucky tickets inside & win a HUGE shopping spree worth 500 pounds!!

Top Tip: Smiggle isn’t the cheapest shop on the high street, but always have some great offers on. Sign up to their newsletter for 20% off your first shop and be the first to heat about their new offers. Also, use Top Cashback to save a further 7% on your shop.

14 thoughts on “Brightening up the school run with Smiggle

  1. Olivia says:

    Even as an adult I am drawn to this shop, you can see the colour of Smiggle for miles. The squishes look cool too! x
    Olivia recently posted…CaseApp ReviewMy Profile

  2. The backpacks look great. I love the designs.

  3. I discovered the world of Smiggle during our road trip in Ireland at Easter. I’d never seen it before then but by god its an amazing place. I could have gone mad on things for me alone! However, I was restrained and just bought a few bits for my son.

  4. Anosa says:

    Not heard of Smiggle before but they seem to have some really lovely items and love how they brighten up the school run

  5. Vicki says:

    I’ve walked past Smiggle a lot but have never really known what kind of things they sell. These look like great ideas for Christmas or Birthday presents for children!

  6. I love the Smiggle backbacks, they last so well and the lunhcboxes look a great addition. Mich x
    michelle twin mum recently posted…Preparing your Home for a New BabyMy Profile

  7. Elizabeth says:

    How cute are these? My 11 year old would love these – she’s still into this sort of thing. 🙂
    Elizabeth recently posted…Wee Scottish Black Pudding Bread/Dinner RollsMy Profile

  8. My son is into Smiggle – and he’d definitely love that blue camo backpack. I love browsing their stores

  9. My girls are Smiggle fans, they would love to have lunchboxes and bags! I’m sure there will be a few Smiggle items on their Christmas lists!

  10. Leta says:

    They have so many brightly coloured things in that shop, it’s a bit of an assault on the senses! These look great though, certainly make school a bit more exciting.

  11. I can always spot Smiggle bags a mile off – they’re so popular. Great ideas of Christmas x
    Rebecca | AAUBlog recently posted…Indian-Inspired Carrot Salad | Vegan RecipeMy Profile

  12. Kelsey says:

    These look super cute. I love the idea of the advent calendar that has something besides chocolate in it.

  13. Ooooh, I love these! They’ll be perfect for my nieces and nephews!!

  14. Kelly says:

    I’m not a great fan of plasticky stuff, but I know that every little girl would love that mermaid-ey shimmery, sequined lunchbox. (My little girl would go nuts for it!) It’s nice also that it’s soft so a bit more like a handbag than a typical lunchbox. I’d love to hear how long-wearing and durable they are, maybe in a follow up piece sometime.

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