Brighten your home with LED Light Panels

Light Panel Kitchen

We have a lovely south facing garden in our house, but our lounge is at the front of the house, making it north facing, which can make it seem dull, especially in the winter months.

Having small windows can be a big problem when it comes to letting the light in, but a lack of windows isn’t the only thing that makes a space feel dark and dingy.

Contributing factors to the light in your room is also the wall colour, curtains, decor, and bad lighting, but these are all things that that can be easily fixed.

Try rearranging dark, bulky furniture to keep spaces open and airy making your home look more cheery and inviting.

If your room needs some extra light to give it a bit of added personality or to make it feel a little more welcoming then LED Light Panels are the ideal solution!

LED light panels can be used on standard ceiling systems to replace out-of-date fluorescent fixtures, as feature lights and even on walls.

Although LED lights offer a harsher light than traditional light bulbs, an LED panel diffuses their light over a larger area so that the individual sources are less obvious and offer an even, softer light output.

They also offer a clean finish, perfect for a modern space and are low maintenance, dust-free and most importantly have a much lower energy consumption rate and have a longer lifespan than traditional light bulbs.

LED light panels come in a huge range of shapes and sizes, giving you the option of making a real statement in whichever room you choose to use one. Some even offer the option to change colour, which can help with seasonal affective disorder in winter months, when the natural light is much darker.

Also consider adding mirrors to the room to help make the room look bigger by spreading the light around.

Have you added extra light to your home using LED Light panels, or do you have any other tips?

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