Brainstorm Toys 2-in-1 Globe Review

2-in-1 Globe

Isaac is fascinated by the natural world.

He thrives on museum visits and outdoor adventures and put him in a situation with an adult that has a little bit of knowledge and he will ask question after question.

Over the last couple of years he has found a real love of geography, partly due to our travels and from doing school projects. He can often be found perusing an atlas and when we flew to Florida he loved looking at the planes location on the screen.

I had been keen to get him a globe for some time, so when I discovered the 2-in-1 Globe from Brainstorm, I knew he would love it.

2-in-1 Globe

In the daylight the 22.8cm diameter globe shows political boundaries, oceans, equator, longitude and latitude lines, country names, capital cities and other major cities for each country in the world.

2-in-1 Globe

By night the illuminated star map shows constellations with their common names.

2-in-1 Globe

The Earth and Constellation Globe has an automatic light sensor so when the globe is turned on and the surrounding area is dark the globe will transform into a beautiful glowing globe showing the star constellations, however there is a handy override switch so you can turn it off and save battery power.

2-in-1 Globe

The 2-in-1 Globe takes 4 x ‘C’ batteries, although also has a socket for an optional power adaptor which can be bought seperately.

2-in-1 Globe

Isaac loves showing his siblings where places are, including where we have visited on holiday and places they are learning about at school. It is a great visual aid to show them just how far away places are. It has also come in handy for a couple of quiz nights for us as they always have questions on geographical locations.

2-in-1 Globe

Isaac also likes to study the night sky and is always asking where the constellations are, so with the help of the globe and Night Sky app on the iPad he is going to know more than me in no time!

2-in-1 Globe

The Brainstorm 2-in-1 Globe is available from all good toy shops and has an RRP of £34.99

Disclaimer: We were sent the Brainstorm 2-in-1 Globe to review. All thoughts and opinions are our own


8 thoughts on “Brainstorm Toys 2-in-1 Globe Review

  1. Steph says:

    My friend had one when I was a kid and I loved it so much! Love that you light it up too

  2. Hannah says:

    I’d loved globes when I was a kid!

  3. Anosa says:

    I was fascinated with geography when I was young and my mum got me a globe and a big map and it was my domain. Love that this one lights up

  4. What a cool globe. I love how it shines at night. What a beauty to have at home.

  5. Oh I love this globe! SO much cooler with the constellations than just a normal globe. What a fab little gift this would be for Christmas.

  6. Anne says:

    I really like globes and this one is made extra special with it’s light up constellations.

  7. tots2travel says:

    What a great transformation the globe makes. A great gift for any young traveller.

  8. Leona says:

    We love travel and would go buy my lo a globe. Going to check this out

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