Birthday Gift Ideas for Him


Picking out a present for dad, boyfriend, uncle or husband can be difficult. Who knows what they are into? They seem to like that sport with that player but other than that, what do they do? Fear not, I’ve got experience of pulling the best presents out of the bag, perfect for any occasion and against all the odds. Some of these presents will require a bit of research but it will be worth it. And if they do not suit, the ideas below might work as inspiration.

Art Work

Websites such as Notonthehighstreet and etsy have some great art prints which suit all tastes. They go from the conservative to the all-out wacky. This is an especially nice present for someone who has recently moved into a new home.

Tickets to their Favourite Sport

Admittedly, this one will take some research. Not only will you need to know their favourite sport but you must also avoid getting them tickets watching a team that they actively do not like. However, getting a couple of tickets to a big game is a gift that they will not forget. Check out stubhub for tickets to the big event.


Fresh Sneaks

A new pair of trainers is a welcome addition to any man’s wardrobe. No matter what their style you will find a suitable design on If you aren’t sure their style preferences try and strike up a conversation regarding footwear ahead of the occasion.

A Meal Out

Forget the old adage ‘the best way to a man’s heart is through his belly’, the two best reasons for taking him out for a meal are a) you don’t have to cook and b)you get to eat a delicious meal as well. Obviously, make sure it’s a restaurant that he will like rather simply going for your favourite cuisine.

The Latest Computer Game

If he’s a gamer, he will appreciate an addition to his collection. At the time of writing, Battlefield Hardline seems to be the sought-after game.

DAB Shower Radio

Everyone likes singing in the shower, a shower radio with a wide variety of channels is a safe bet for everyone. If you share a bathroom though, you may have to wait that bit longer in a morning.

Beer Subscription

For the man on trend, craft beer is currently the neatest thing. Websites such as Beer 52 pick a selection of weird and wonderful brews and send it direct to your door – they also do a gift box.


Bring Out their Inner Geek

Apparently, a new Stars Wars is coming out soon, now is perhaps the time to reinvigorate their love for it with the box set. Alternatively, there is always Game of Thrones.

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